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Castoriadis, 'The Dilapidation of the West', in Anon (ed.), The Rising Tide of Insignificancy (The Big Sleep), 2003, p.
(31.) Cornelius Castoriadis, The Rising Tide of Insignificancy, unpublished, 2003, p.
In the study in question, while trainings, insignificancy of which was made, were commented as having no effect on height averages, inconsiderable changes observed between pre-test and post-test can be expounded as a result of natural growth of that age group.
It has exposed us to the indeterminate nature of the chora and in so doing has passed on the responsibility to act autonomously in the space within which we dwell, which is becoming increasingly important in the face of the rising tide of insignificancy noticeably deteriorating the institutions of Western society.