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The angle between M2 and occlusal plane was insignificant on left and right side (p on left= 0.
The insignificant difference in mean values of some morphological characteristics indicated that the single morphological characteristic is not sufficient to distinguish individual weedy rice seeds by its variants as there were more than one weedy rice seed variants possess similar mean value.
However, this log usually contains many insignificant events which do nothing to help identify if a program is malicious and can make the analysis process less effective.
Twenty-four economists said the payrolls data would have a "neutral" impact on next Tuesday's elections, while 15 said the data would have an insignificant impact.
Talking to APP, he said that a small and insignificant group of lawyers with no valuable representation in bars of lawyers community is trying to exploit the situation after April 26 Supreme Court verdict which may harm democratic and legal government of the country.
We assume the Russian share market today will show insignificant growth following the foreign grounds.
But some insiders pointed out that Samsung has begun outsourcing laptop computers although the volumes are insignificant and will remain low in 2012.
Based on the collective results, with the exception of the Leeward District that reported a statistically significant positive relationship, a statistically insignificant positive relationship was noted for the Central District; and a statistically insignificant negative relationship noted for both the Honolulu and the Windward District.
Government has always used such tactics - small, apparently insignificant rises, on top of small insignificant rises.
The insignificant fact he's on about is the machine language of the computer which is a sort of Yes or No system.
An Insignificant Family" is a novel of a Vietnamese family following the war with the United State.