insignificant number

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He has eaten five or six children, a relatively insignificant number, no doubt, but remarkable enough from another point of view.
If that is so, then how come the government still wishes to resume peace talks with such insignificant number of armed insurgents reduced to extortion, illegal logging and other banditry?
He, however, said that very insignificant number of those protesting are not a member of the executive agitators, saying those protesting are not ex-militants
Most of the victims caught inside Iran are Punjabis from Central Punjab and a very small and insignificant number of Pakhtuns.
However, he maintained that it was impossible to eliminate corruption altogether, but it can be isolated until it becomes an insignificant number.
It added: "The committee finds the Government has failed to take sufficient and timely measures to ensure the right to housing of an adequate standard for not an insignificant number of families.
002 percent of votes cast, or one out of every 38,000 - a statistically insignificant number.
Lawmakers, including a not insignificant number from Trump's own party, are also voting against the president's campaign policies.
We lost an insignificant number of members in the K-12 world," said Heckner, adding most members now funneled their dues through bank drafts or credit cards.
Some are of the opinion that it is the contributing to community welfare or donating to organizations for social development purposes and community development while an insignificant number clearly understands that CSR means directly implementing social development activities and projects.
But it's not an insignificant number that either feel insufficiently qualified to judge or think that we shouldn't mess with such deep geological formations.
But now, due to improved conditions, a very insignificant number of vessels are engaged in rerouting.