insignificant number

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He has eaten five or six children, a relatively insignificant number, no doubt, but remarkable enough from another point of view.
And with more than 127,000 students districtwide, this is not an insignificant number and presents a unique challenge in meeting the district's mission of instilling the ability to read, write, speak, listen and use numeracy.
Of course, there is an insignificant number of Taliban that are opposed to negotiations with the Afghan government.
The challenges are really tough for the BJP-led alliance, but the silver ling is that two of the key allies -- Samajwadi Party (SP) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) -- have walked out of the opposition grand secular alliance, irked at being offered an insignificant number of seats.
A "not insignificant number of them" transferred to other, more lucrative industries.
At first blush, 4 percent appears to be an insignificant number.
2 million ACT Aspire assessments have been administered to date, which is not an insignificant number.
He expressed regret over insignificant number of concrete projects in the framework of SCO and suggested to think over the principle for advancing various economic and investment projects bringing positive economic effects for economies of other SCO countries.
Eleven games is not an insignificant number of games to survey a team's progress - it's near enough a quarter of a Championship campaign.
However, there was a small but not ' insignificant number who obviously had more malevolent intentions.
He argued that the border fence had been built due to some 11 000 people who had crossed the border illegally, adding that it was an insignificant number for Germany and the country was ready to welcome them.
However, many deputationits, who belong to different parental departments, have managed to get permanent postings in the CDA over the years, and according to the sources, an insignificant number of CDA's own officers were holding senior positions.