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The images and captions in leading medical journals differed insignificantly from the simian portraits constructed for freak show audiences.
13), considering that in the area of a resonance maximum value, ImC is changed insignificantly.
Estimates of changes in wages are much less precise, but generally indicate that wages increased slightly and insignificantly with labor supply, consistent with perfectly elastic labor demand.
Squeaks and rattles that, not insignificantly, give rise not only to warranty costs, but which lead to poor J.
Not so insignificantly, it also generated $255 million in royalties for Stanford--money that went back into fueling the next generation of possibly commercial technology.
But there is also the pleasure of mingling with your fellow man, however insignificantly, for a few minutes each day, and in the modern world, that interaction with other people is becoming ever more rare and valuable.
Steel and, not insignificantly, the company's former Vice President-Taxes.
But Cilla insisted that entertaining for a channel which pulls insignificantly fewer viewers than her prime time ITV show was not a step down.
Not insignificantly, the announcement came at the start of Cover the Uninsured Week.
Or, perhaps more accurately, the world has always been small--but it's only been in recent years that companies have begun to realize that particles once thought insignificantly small can have a significant impact on product quality Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent and relevant than in the pharmaceutical industry, and especially in regard to inhaled pharmaceuticals The industry has come to realize that increasingly smaller particles must be examined These smaller particles affect pharmaceutical production and quality in a way that hasn't been understood in the past--pushing the limits of particle identification and characterization technology.
In the first series analysis, it was determined that the thermal center (last freezing point) was insignificantly shifted from the geometrical center of the casting due to the influence of the attached gating system.