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But the south side took such very dishonest and insincere attitude as creating artificial hurdles" in settling issues, the agency said.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday lashed out at the European Union for recognizing and offering crucial support for the Syrian opposition, calling it an insincere move which will harm Syria's stability and security.
Insincere commitments; human rights treaties, abusive states, and citizen activism.
It included images of scantily-clad women and was rounded off by Santos saying: "Enough with insincere and useless words.
Her between-song chat was a mixture of homespun philosophy and hard-sell advertising but it never felt forced or insincere and was peppered with fierce wit and self-deprecation.
New Delhi Crusader Anna Hazare has slammed the Indian authorities for being insincere in tackling corruption.
This offer is not made in jest," Flynt wrote, "Just as we do not undertake insincere political crusades, we do not make insincere job offers.
We can be tempted to take the easy way out of an awkward situation by being insincere, then make excuses for our behaviour.
You actually have the audacity to accuse me of being insincere (yes, that is in fact the correct spelling of the word you clown
I AM WHERE EVERY WOMAN WANTS TO BE, one sincerely insincere painting reads, and you get the sense that here analytic formalism has little currency.
And footballers wonder why we think they're insincere mercenaries.
But such sentiments have been dismissed as insincere by Asian neighbours, partly because of comments made by some conservative lawmakers who refuse to admit to Japan's past aggression.