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If her performance sounds insincere or boring he will suddenly stop purring and stalk out of the room.
So, to say that I'm a Latin actress, OK, but it's not fitting; it would be insincere.
The only whisker of comfort you can offer IDS is that Tony Blair's speech was alsoawful,one of the most insincere utterances ever recorded.
If Leoni, a gifted actress, was guilty of anything, it was being too convincing as the insincere Beverly Hills wife Deborah to Adam Sandler's nice-guy super chef John.
His subsequent apology arrived too late and seemed insincere.
Not insincere smiles from schools whose hopes were crushed by the BCS's confusing combination of human judgment and computer ratings.
If you allow yourself to be open minded, you might be pleasantly surprised that not all men are insincere.
If you listen to what district officials say about this immorality tale, you'd swear that Ivy is run by the most insincere group of administrators to come down the Woodland Hills pike.
Coming from Lockyer, such passion for the free market would be refreshing - if it weren't so nakedly insincere.
Running up against an army of shallow, insincere and mindless TV executives, Long has the last laugh.
HURRICANE Katrina has blown the smug conceit from the insincere face of world terrorist George Bush.
Having finally convinced Jono he was who he said Mr Blair traded weak jokes and insincere compliments with his host, who is quitting after seven years.