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As a result, this model would easily enable Alberta and Ontario to identify those who insincerely claim to be members of such religions.
However, the TRNC would try to get a positive result in the ongoing negotiations and would not behave insincerely like the Greek Cypriots, Kucuk also said.
Frederick Schauer and Richard Zeckhauser describe the government's timing of press releases to encourage tax compliance as "paltering," (110) a term that literally means "acting insincerely or misleadingly.
Sincerely insincere, insincerely sincere, authentically inauthentic, inauthentically authentic, his work vexes the normative and all the usual binaries.
At an extreme, Congress could engage in a bad faith effort to reverse Kennedy based on false or insincerely evaluated empirical information.
Ostensibly, "The Dead" is to be the triumphant story of Gabriel Conroy's after-dinner speech, a speech in which he intends to flatter his audience insincerely, while showing off his education to a gathering he secretly considers beneath him.
He echoes insincerely the discourse of"felawship" that the kings had expressed in the previous scene, offering them safe passage and even camaraderie in return for information that profits him: "And yf youre poynte be to m.
But insincerity assumes rather than denies there is something to treat insincerely.
The problem with this ambivalence is twofold: first, even if states adopt norms insincerely, they could be responding to pressure from world society; second, even insincere norm adoption can have effects--to use Clark's words, often "effects outstrip intentions" (p.
This was the dichotomy used in the mid-twentieth century among Protestants to inveigh against the then-common practice of eulogizing the dead person in an often exaggerated way, so that the picture of the person was insincerely touched up.
In an extreme case of direct conflict, asking permission can help, however insincerely offered, as long as the intention is to create rapport and not to score a point off the other person.
Monday night, after six years of promises unkept or insincerely made and blunders of historic proportions, the United States is now fighting two wars, the economy is veering toward recession and the civilized world still faces horrifying dangers - and it has far less sympathy and respect for the United States.