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'I like to think I have depths of insincerity as yet unplumbed'
South Korea has abandoned plans to continue the talks because of the North's insincerity and has decided to leave Beijing, Vice Unification Minister Yang Young Shik said.
"I was struck with a feeling of something awesome and uncanny, even, if you will believe it now, ominous and frightening, in the public's willing acceptance of the style and tone of his words; the uncritical and compliant acceptance of the artificiality, the obvious opportunism, the insincerity, and the questionable credibility which came across in his every utterance.
Successive governments up till the present day government have all displayed the highest level of insincerity and insensitive to the plights of the Nigerian workers, who make daily immeasurable sacrifices towards the growth and development of the country in their own little ways.
The President accused the CPP of insincerity and denounced its armed wing, the New People's Army for its continued attacks on government forces that also victimized civilians.
The world is full of insincerity but it teaches us to value truth and integrity wherever we can find it.
Since the release of the band's debut album The Art Of Insincerity in 2006, Royseven has performed to over 250,000 people at worldrenowned concerts and festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Rock AM Ring, Rock IM Park, Berlin Stars for Free, Oxegen, Marley Park, not to mention touring with Bryan Adams as his support act in Germany and Switzerland, World Cup fan festivals and two headline German tours.
But it was sabotaged by India's insincerity. If India was serious about trade across the LoC, it should have put in place the infrastructure.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Endorsement of US unilateral sanctions against Iran by Obama proves insincerity of his election vows about a change in Washington's hostile policies against the other countries, a senior Iranian legislator said on Sunday.
Landing on topics such as the disappointment of visiting Gnome World as a child and the painful insincerity of radio DJs she finished with a piece about her grandmother that left her with tears in her eyes.
SIR - Sir Menzies Campbell's choice of car is a fine example of the rife insincerity in mainstream politics.
STEVEN Goddard says: ``The preacher has to be sincere, because insincerity stands out a mile, whatever themessage.