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com)-- In an entertainment industry that can be full of ego and insincerity, it's unusual to have good, talented people making progress and inspiring others.
You know the sort - the ones that begin with a voice from the Indian sub-continent inquiring with nauseating insincerity whether you are well and seamlessly launches into a spiel about the recent accident you have suffered and how they can help claim compensation.
With all due insincerity we should dedicate that chorus to the record's producer, Pete Waterman,.
Returning to blue has normalised things, but it could also returned us to financial insincerity which as a Cardiff fan also feels VERY normal.
I find Cameron's insincerity spooky, the breeding of a chap who believes he was born to rule and the odd chat with members of the lower orders is cheaper than handing out alms.
They have shown insincerity towards the Telangana issue and that's why such a situation has arisen," he added.
Well played lads," he gushed with what I perceived as insincerity.
The man whose pathetic case for using military might as the only way out of this mess reeks of insincerity.
But Pakistan would not be deterred in its efforts to support international efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, the foreign ministry said, accusing elements in the Afghan government of insincerity.
Donnelly, Ayrshire FOREIGN Secretary William Hague might have a "high level of confidence" that British intelligence agencies act within the law but his answers have the ring of insincerity and it would be good to see some proof.
That it has taken Manila four days to agree to apologize for the killing shows its insincerity as well as its indifference to human life, not to mention that, before a representative of Philippine President Benigno Aquino made a formal apology to Taiwan on Wednesday, Manila's responses had been anything but apologetic.
Daniela Pini's brilliantly virtuosic Angelina was the opera's moral centre, rooted in truth and love amid the whirlwind of gaudy insincerity around her.