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Aguirre vehemently denied Monday taking part in the alleged bribery by Chinese casino mogul Jack Lam as insinuated by Trillanes during the Senate inquiry into the controversy.
2 : to bring or get in little by little or in a secret way <He insinuated himself into the group.
Drawn nonchalantly, her stories are not told in a direct, orderly fashion, but rather insinuated with knowing winks, as it were--through signs, outlines, and faces whose features are blank or crossed out.
He walks the listener briskly through the life and evolving ideas of Freud, using, with definitions, the vocabulary that has insinuated itself into the popular lexicon: id, ego, and superego: narcissism, aggression, repression, paranoia, free association, transference and countertransference; unconscious and subconscious; sex, the death instinct, and dream interpretation.
Senge says a learning organization is "any organization in which you cannot not learn because learning is so insinuated into the fabric of life.
Despite his break with the organized British left, Wells insinuated Fabian themes into political manifestos like New Worlds for Old (1908) and The New World Order (1940).
It suggests that an unexpected inflationary component has now insinuated itself into the consensual econometric models devised by theoreticians, inasmuch as barbers such as Flynn are now imposing what is essentially a "punitive" tax on their customers to compensate for their own misfortunes.
Fracci's reaction was combative: In press releases and television interviews she and her husband not only complained about the theater's behavior, but also insinuated that the board did not want to invest money in her planned ballet productions because its real intention is to dismantle the corps de ballet in the near future.
She also insinuated that everything done in a nursing home is done only because of a rule or regulation.
Arianna Huffington is a social climber who married oil heir Michael Huffington, insinuated herself into the inner circles of the national Republican party, and then got divorced from her husband after he lost his bid to become a U.
203) Newspapers also rendered the city "spectacular" more aggressively by actually organizing media events that insinuated the city and the community of readers into journalistic narratives.