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All this has been compounded by their permitting the construction of insipid new blocks along the waterfront near the Pier Head.
But after the engaging but confused Chemical, they ended with the insipid Grow, Wicked Soul and Somebody Else.
It was the tiniest bit of menace, but it went a long way toward preventing the show's otherwise unrelieved affability from becoming simply insipid.
Auds can only hope the new show will have more punch than its insipid name --"Nice People"--suggests.
Although the lyrics are uniformly insipid and fit the story about as well as those from any 1930s Rodgers and Hart musical (which is just barely), for those of us who grew up with ABBA, there's something thrilling about hearing "SOS" and "Take a Chance on Me" blasting from a Broadway stage.
Birmingham Bullets woes turned in an insipid performance, slumping to a 109-87 defeat at London Leopards.
Indeed, one of the great challenges of modern Christianity is to learn to be effective in a multicultural world without so diluting its o wn identity and distinctiveness as to become insipid and irrelevant.
It was at that moment, I think, when the exchange between Gore and Bush went from insipid to obscene.
As insipid as some acts are seen to be (Burl Ives and the Brothers Four leap to mind), there are lots of examples of visceral, heartfelt music that really say something.
If movement isn't passionate then it's bland, boring, insipid, tasteless," he says with a thick Venezuelan accent.
In insipid language, obvious rhyme, and plodding rhythm, the poet tells of Sir Thopas' search for the Elf Queen and of his encounter with the giant Sir Olifaunt.