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40) Knowing Patmore's prosodic genius, Gosse complained of his ascetic self-restrictions: "So admirable an artist has rarely been content to do so little with his art; so brilliant and pungent a thinker has perhaps never been content so long to dwell on the very borderland of insipidity.
Jullien demonstrates the whole point of returning in his essays on the Nude, on insipidity, morality or speech when, for instance, in his most recent work he re-reads Socrates against the conversations of Confucius.
It seems that the trend these days is toward lyric insipidity, and not being inclined to brook the tide, Brooke embraces it with earnestness if not relish.
Kind of like Nashville in the 1970s, just before Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson headed down to Austin to start the "Outlaw" movement and save the country genre from a slow death due to insipidity.
Although everyone may have had a good time making this homegrown product, it's poorly engineered and laid back to the point of insipidity - except for a Ventures-style "Swan Lake Christmas," which oddly features Doughboy Art Greenhaw, not Edwards.
The Holy Family with St Anne, the last religious scene from Basel, curiously has Huber-like figures in a setting assiduously copied from Cranach, yet in its insipidity lacks the force of either.
His generation, the "children of the war rubble," had known nothing else but this steady adherence to an equally steady "reconstruction," the ubiquitous insipidity and a country dominated (indeed governed) by grey-haired old men; tedium festering in "eternal Sunday afternoons with the mowing of lawns" (1985, 61).
Their timid insipidity was due to the training practices of the day, which involved endless copying, a process Charlotte later satirized in Villette.
Finally, in a country inhabited by persons of different religions, languages and ethnic community, emphasis on a bond of social cohesion or identification applicable to a part of the Sudanese society -- Islamism or Arabism -- dilutes Sudanese nationality, the only unifying bond, to the point of insipidity.
The result can be permanent loss of forests or the insipidity of uniform spacing and species.
Some measure of generality must be present in any high-class theorem, but too much inevitably leads to insipidity.