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Brought up "with excessive care, which as a child was for her health" (34) and lacking the definitive beauty possessed by her mother--"[h]er face was weak rather than decided, saved from insipidity by the large enquiring eyes; denied beauty, now that she was sheltered indoors, by the lack of colour and definite outline"--Rachel Vinrace nevertheless possesses precisely the qualities that make her suitable as Woolf's protagonist (20).
Their dialogue reveals that his initial compliment of easiness is actually a complaint about female incoherence and insipidity. When her genuine interest in the discussion encourages Henry away from the glib superficiality of stereotypes, he agrees with Catherine's assessment of the relative skills of men and women: "In every power, of which taste is the foundation, excellence is pretty fairly divided between the sexes" (174).
While other rooms in the palazzo may be 'ultras of fashionable insipidity', this den of wonders announces his 'originality of conception', a creativity which 'Europe-the world, cannot rival' (42).
Unlike Berman, Wolfe saw clearly that fear of fact-checking--repeating the "gotcha" mantra--would never be enough to inspire real intellectual rigor, the kind that can swim upstream and destroy the insipidity of "conventional wisdom."
This rage for fashion and for fashionable writing seems becoming universal, and some stop must be put to it, unless it cures itself by its own excessive folly and insipidity" (20:148).
To read too much of him at a sitting makes one aware of a certain flatness or insipidity in his prose, which at first had seemed bracingly direct and unadorned, as well as urbane.
Jullien demonstrates the whole point of returning in his essays on the Nude, on insipidity, morality or speech when, for instance, in his most recent work he re-reads Socrates against the conversations of Confucius.
It seems that the trend these days is toward lyric insipidity, and not being inclined to brook the tide, Brooke embraces it with earnestness if not relish.
Kind of like Nashville in the 1970s, just before Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson headed down to Austin to start the "Outlaw" movement and save the country genre from a slow death due to insipidity.
Although everyone may have had a good time making this homegrown product, it's poorly engineered and laid back to the point of insipidity - except for a Ventures-style "Swan Lake Christmas," which oddly features Doughboy Art Greenhaw, not Edwards.
The Holy Family with St Anne, the last religious scene from Basel, curiously has Huber-like figures in a setting assiduously copied from Cranach, yet in its insipidity lacks the force of either.