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His appeal, moreover, is only insipidly sexual; he cannot motivate even the strength of Lucy's repressed passion for Ginevra.
If the high point of the 1997-98 season was that 3-2 win over Barcelona in the Champions' League, the low point came when United insipidly lost to Arsenal in the Toon's first FA Cup final appearance since 1974.
It's difficult to find anything to like about The Sitter, even the central character, who is insipidly nice and caring in a world that treats him like a doormat.
After the insipidly McFly-esque Matt Lonsdale and angsty US acoustic rockers Boyce Avenue the main act came on and you could understand why Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis have become the pop darlings of the Twitter generation.
Though Hugh O'Conor's Dedalus is insipidly earnest and mannered, the performances are generally commendable, Stephen Rea investing Bloom's mopey, defeated exterior with an inner turmoil while Commitments star Angeline Ball brings vibrantly sensual, earthy life to Molly.
There was simply no comparison with one of those insipidly painted, ultra-cramped new single deckers
This long-arc story of a robot's 200-year journey to become a human being benefits from compelling thematic notions and wizardly visual, robotic and makeup effects, but bogs down due to slack storytelling and an insipidly conventional approach.
Ranging from Chester McKee's insipidly sentimental art photographs to Gatsby's personal snapshots, seemingly straightforward mementoes of the past, the novel's fictional photographs recreate their subjects.
Insipidly titled The Journey, Blair's book is likely to steer clear of too much gossip, although it is expected to go into the details of his feelings over the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and (perhaps surprisingly) a consideration of his position after the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib (by US soldiers) came to light.
Scarier still, an alarming number of my grown-up friends, still in mourning for the loss of the insipidly dull Dawson's Creek have been worryingly enthusiastic in embracing the equally facile OC.
Yet, in truth, having played so insipidly in the first-half and been so far behind on the hour mark they can perhaps count themselves a little fortunate to have got what they did out of the game.