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Antonio jests insipidly that Gonzalo should insert the word sort at precisely the point that he does in his speech, even as Sebastian has cynically rejoiced that the word yet should predictably appear (to begin a new grammatical clause infused with hope) after Adrian's initial observation on the island's bleakness (2.
In his brief volume, Lause successfully resurrects these largely ignored aspects of the Civil War and thus makes exciting again a period of American history more often insipidly memorialized than critically studied.
Williams' highest break of the tournament is only 82 and if Stephen Hendr y had not performed so insipidly in the concluding session of their secondround clash, he would not still be in the tournament.
She tries to convince us she knows enough about dancing to pass judgement, but so far she's just been bland and insipidly pleasant.
ObamaAAEs insipidly favorable response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuAAEs conditional AoacceptanceAo of the two-state formula underscores an unfortunate continuity in AmericaAAEs Middle East policy.
Among the latter: Ang Lee's campy Taking Woodstock, which empties the 60s event of any political subtext but offers a fun spree through sex, drugs, and silliness; Ken Loach's bubbly Looking for Eric with Eric Cantona (fun to watch) about a postal worker getting his life back together with a bit of "teamwork"; Alejandro Amenabar's Agora, set in ancient Egypt with soap-opera scenes galore (a la Ben Hur); and Alain Renais insipidly quirky Les Herbes Folles, about a menage a quatre.