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Zeta - who face a UEFA rap after their fans racially abused DaMarcus Beasley and Jean-Claude Darcheville - insist Rangers didn't return seven balls loaned to them at training.
The United States maintains a stockpile of more than ten million land mines and insists on the right to produce more and to use them when it sees fit.
It is simply not consistent to impose a creed upon Baptist folk who insist on being a non-creedal people.
The authors suggest that foundries insist on the inclusion of indemnification provisions.
Its supporters insist that since science is the most rational and ethically disinterested means for attaining knowledge, it should be accorded respect and authority.
The reader witnesses bodies that sway, bodies that birth, bodies that struggle and/or insist their way into the world.
Wilson wants to insist that "in the last decade, the nation seems to have become more divided on issues pertaining to race," and he similarly contends that if African-American citizens are going to support any economically progressive coalition, the coalition will have no choice but to embrace their special self-interest in racially-conscious selection policies.
Morris went so far as to insist that such activity be more bodily than mental, that the intersection between viewer and object force an encounter that makes "physical and practical" a relation earlier consigned to "empathy and imagination.
Other important questions raised by charter schools, opponents insist, involve salary levels and the number of teachers who will be employed; the appropriateness of curriculums for all children; the accountability of parents and community for educational programs; the quality of physical plants; the recruitment and admission of students; and the manner of teaching students with special needs.
Even if your barn's medications are kept in a locked tack room, you should insist that they also be secured in a locked cabinet.
They insist that, by correcting errors and rejecting false starts, science "converges" to real answers to given questions, answers that are not paradigmatically conditioned.