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Dans ce sens, la mise en place des decharges publiques s'avere une priorite de grande insistance.
Residents however, expressed mixed views on Nakheel's insistance on locking the rear exit doors of DG buildings.
Il a attribue la suspension des negociations entre le gouvernement du Sud-Soudan et les rebelles a l'intransigeance des rebelles et leur insistance a impliquer une troisieme partie regroupe les sept personnes qui ont ete liberes sous caution.
L'Algerie a desesperement besoin de changement, revendique par le peuple algerien avec une insistance refletant la nervosite qui s'empare de ce pays, ecrit le magazine britannique The Economist dans un article mis en ligne vendredi.
In fact, my insistance on saying things like they are with no regards to political correctness or sanctities has gotten me a fair share of hate mail if not outright death threats at times.
The review of the universal use of the technology was sparked by India Cricket board's refusal to comply with the technology, and insistance that they reserved the right to not make use of the system.
First, the members of the P5+1, particularly the Western members, once again saw the insistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran on its principal positions, positions such as peaceful nuclear technology for everybody and nuclear weapons for no one, both with regards to the rights and responsibilities of Non-Proliferation
In a press release on sidelines of UNCTAD XIII, the organizations also criticized the developed countries insistance to limit the role of the UNCTAD in bolstering sustainable development around the globe.
The result gave McInnes's side breathing space over the visitors with four games left, but he echoed Andy Thorn's insistance that the relegation battle was far from over.
However, the council insistance that 300 redundancies would still be required in 2012 caused it to be rejected.
Germany and France, at odds over Berlin's insistance on involving private bond holders in the second Greek bailout, voiced optimism that an agreement demanded by the markets would emerge at the summit on Thursday.