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He vigorously attacked the Dissenting denominations, because he believed them to be a conspicuous embodiment of Philistine lack of Sweetness and Light, with an unlovely insistence on unimportant external details and a fatal blindness to the meaning of real beauty and real spirituality.
The other put forth the coin with tearful insistence.
But I don't see what you find to like in it, Joe," she said softly, the note of insistence in her words betraying recent and unsatisfactory discussion.
It was the strangest of all things that now when, by his taking ten steps and applying his hand to a latch, or even his shoulder and his knee, if necessary, to a panel, all the hunger of his prime need might have been met, his high curiosity crowned, his unrest assuaged - it was amazing, but it was also exquisite and rare, that insistence should have, at a touch, quite dropped from him.
Brydon breathed his wonder till the very impunity of his attitude and the very insistence of his eyes produced, as he felt, a sudden stir which showed the next instant as a deeper portent, while the head raised itself, the betrayal of a braver purpose.
The shopkeepers of the smaller sort, in Geneva, are as troublesome and persistent as are the salesmen of that monster hive in Paris, the Grands Magasins du Louvre--an establishment where ill-mannered pestering, pursuing, and insistence have been reduced to a science.
The result being that the scent of their pursuers was borne away from them, so they proceeded upon their way in total ignorance of the fact that tireless trackers but little less expert in the mysteries of woodcraft than themselves were dogging their trail with savage insistence.
Yet (I continued) the Baron's offensive behaviour to me of yesterday (that is to say, the fact of his referring the matter to the General) as well as his insistence that the General should deprive me of my post, had placed me in such a position that I could not well express my regret to him (the Baron) and to his good lady, for the reason that in all probability both he and the Baroness, with the world at large, would imagine that I was doing so merely because I hoped, by my action, to recover my post.
Cairo, Ramadan 10, 1438, Jun 5, 2017, SPA -- The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt decided to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar in the wake of Qatar's insistence on taking a hostile course against Egypt and the failure of all attempts to dissuade it from supporting the terrorist organizations, especially the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and harboring its leaders.
A parliamentary source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The argument began after the insistence of the MP, Haitham al-Jubouri to include a paragraph to discuss the questioning of the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari in today's meeting, which raised the ire of Kurdish lawmakers.
Amman, July 2 (Petra)--The current developments in Egypt will only increase our insistence on fighting and eradicating terrorism, Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan Khaled Tharwat said.