insistence upon

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The biological and historical grounds for his insistence upon this principle are, of course, manifold.
Thus, it is imperative to improve the quality of how the government spends money on such projects, which means greater discipline in the prioritization of projects, a more streamlined project cycle, and also a rigorous insistence upon post-construction audit,' the report read.
His insistence upon focusing more on Ali's journey than Uzma's hurts the film.
Browns greatest contributions to public healthcare is an unflagging insistence upon excellence.
Diane Nelson, DC Entertainment president said, "Our intention, certainly, moving forward is using the continuity to help make sure nothing is diverging in a way that doesn't make sense, but there's no insistence upon an overall storyline or interconnectivity in that universe.
Listen to: Hate It When You Have to Go keeps up their insistence upon having single be just that little bit better than the last.
Critique: Lord Chief Justice Mansfield: Dark Horse of the American Revolution is an in-depth biography of the British barrister whose dogged insistence upon colonial taxes may well have incited the American Revolution.
Citing the sum total of viewpoints presented in the essays as a recalibration of our understanding of craftAEs role within the American experience, the book notes that studio craftAEs downfall at the close of the twentieth century hinged on its insistence upon accepted practices, which ultimately diminished its relevance to the diverse public, although its fading has done nothing to lessen the presence of craft, and the range of avenues initiated by that public is now becoming clear.
Archibald was the fifth son of Robert Thorburn (1818-1885), portrait miniaturist to Queen Victoria, and the young Archibald received much of his early training from his father, whose insistence upon anatomical accuracy and careful attention to detail was to stand the young man in good stead.
President Obama abandoned his insistence upon "anytime, anywhere" inspections.
Greece's experience has exposed the weakness of the currency union that now consists of 19 European nations, a weakness that can't be addressed without an insistence upon standards of economic conduct as a condition for membership- standards that Greece did not meet in the first place and cannot meet anytime soon.