insistence upon

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The biological and historical grounds for his insistence upon this principle are, of course, manifold.
McDowell's own insistence upon the object-dependent demonstrative contents of perception is a case in point, which the author argues equally fails to do justice to the datum of subjective presentation.
Coming from pianists of lesser integrity, Andras Schiff's insistence upon a pre-recital nocoughing plea, very low lighting (making it difficult to score-read and take notes, but that's my problem) throwing emphasis upon the piano, and no interval might appear pretentious.
In his own way he has contributed to the quality of life in Great Barr for over 20 years and through running a school with an insistence upon high standards of behaviour he has helped parents across the Great Barr area to bring up their children to be successful people and good citizens
Buggin' Out's strident calls for the addition of photos of blacks to Sal's Wall of Fame also find a loose parallel in Jordan's insistence upon flaunting the league's rule against black detailing: Both men question existing prohibitions of blackness.
With that kind of background trend, it's hard to justify insistence upon "pain free" as a criterion for disease remission, Dr.
The company's four-year contract proposal, which dropped its earlier insistence upon a provision for an "open shop" -- an environment where not all workers need be union employees -- would have allowed voluntary union membership.
As he elsewhere explicitly opposed the Donatist insistence upon the personal history and integrity of the minister for the effectiveness of the ministry, so he here in the Confessions implicitly gives the anti-Donatist reply about himself as a minister of God: Yes, I opposed the church and ran from God, but God pursued me and changed me, and now my ministry in your midst depends upon God's faithfulness and not on my own.
We strongly applaud the athletic department for their insistence upon and success in maintaining high academic standards for their student-athletes.
In this regard, Culleton takes Paul Fussell as her model, but the ambitious nature of her project, her simplistic analytical approach, and her insistence upon covering many aspects of women's lives outside their writing, have resulted in a disappointing book.
One unnoticed contributing cause of Tuesday's tragedy is the insistence upon unarmed Americans - lambs to the slaughter.
From the Gregorian Reform onward, this rite of "ius spolii," which seems to be primarily centered in the city of Rome, was countered by an insistence upon honorary burial.