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A sample of lyrics with an insistency rating of 200 or above yielded 260 terms, or 35% of the high frequency sample.
My parents' insistency and tenacity continue to serve me well.
I came to my research topic by realizing the insistency of positive and personal relationships, if not friendships to a graduate student's success.
We would lose our devil-may-care attitudes, our variety and our insistency.
As an example, the Spanish idiom no dejar ni a sol ni a sombra ('not to give sb a moment's peace, not to leave sb alone for a minute') is reduced in the verbal component in Ni a sol ni a sombra la deja en pa' (> 'He never gives her alone for a minute') which reinforces the tenacity, insistency and constancy implicit somehow in such locution.
The insistency of the writer's voice renders the characters transparently artificial, and there is no sense of spontaneity or grace.
When we don't get what we want, we begin to want it more and more, with ever greater insistency, until our souls are on fire with the desire for it.
We need our own conventions, a convention of procedural elements, a kind of stylization, a sort of insistency which leads inevitably to a certain kind of methodology--a methodology affirmed by the spirit.
It was the first Cannes Film Festival of the new century, but it felt more like an end than a beginning, as the past returned, in film after film, with weight and insistency.
To date, COMINT suppliers have yet to find an adequate solution to digital wireless communications, although these protocols are the ones for which customers are clamoring with increasing insistency.
The emphasis here is on ~empathy with suspects, offenders and the victims of crime, optimism that constructive work can be done with offenders, adherence to the rule of law so as to restrict state power, and an insistency on open and accountable procedures'.
You can add Congressional Quarterly's Washington Alert to this honored list, for its unique data collection, an insistency upon quality, progressive pricing, and state-of-the art search software.