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The bill of a top private tutor is going to run into big money by next year but Simon is insistent that it is cash well spent.
One of the towering achievements of cultural theory has been to establish gender and sexuality as legitimate objects of study, as well as matters of insistent political importance .
The Beeb man had permission to seek relief, but the marshall was insistent.
Some of the works are tall and solid, as imposing and insistent as memorial stelae; others are small and square, the kind of things you're likely to trip over, like the gravestones of children.
Drummer Matt Tong's insistent, thunderous rhythm beds ground the band's sharpest production yet.
331, gave an opportunity to explore pulses at different levels, as well as the insistent drum pattern in the bass.
Read aloud, sadly, Rath's own writing has the cadences of a hornbook, elementary, clear, careful, repetitious, syntactically cautious, and insistent on its lessons.
He is insistent that humans are gendered male and female by God's design and that an integral part of this is being heterosexual.
Governor Guinn has reportedly agreed to reconsider his position, but he remains insistent that "things have been accomplished" and that NDEP can do the job.
And she is insistent that her mother tell her the truth about her father.
Although the conclusion of Sweet Bye-Bye is loosely contrived and relatively cliche, Harris, a former Christian preschool teacher, entertains and encourages her readers through humor and insistent faith.