insistent demand

See: appeal, call, dun
References in classic literature ?
Better, far better would it have been had he given in to the insistent demand of his subconscious mentor; but his almost fanatical obsession to save ammunition proved now his undoing, for while his attention was riveted upon the thing circling before him and while his ears were filled with the beating of its wings, there swooped silently out of the black night behind him another weird and ghostly shape.
There is, in fact, a general and very insistent demand that I should come to London; but I see no good end to be served.
However, due to insistent demand, Jackie decided to make a business out of it and; thus, Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.
The most famous two words of "Little Shop of Horrors" are Audrey II's insistent demand of "Feed me
My good mood has dissipated somewhat, largely due to my body's insistent demand for alcohol and my mind doing somersaults - - not drinking is very boring
This marvellous book shows how he met the insistent demand for portraits and group pictures from the English in India.
Below that an explanation that reads "The imagined insistent demand of a disgruntled wife; taken from a popular classic film.
What is intriguing (from a layman's point of view) is that this insistent demand is coming from a small dissident group of Religious Sisters.
This was an insistent demand by the European Cockpit Association (ECA).
Each of these practices suggests that there is pleasure to be taken in challenging and adapting the pace of dromocracy, a pleasure which, in some ways, is made richer and more intense precisely because of its insistent demand for the quick, the new, and the useful.
The documentation compiled by the city and the state that they use is at once alienating in its establishment of the primacy of the relationship between the polity and the individual, and revealing of social relationships in its insistent demand for information.
The Supreme Court has now extended that protection over the federal government's strong and insistent demand to the contrary.