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The Italian bishops are insisting that mentioning the continent's Christian roots in a European constitution cannot be a "mere formal homage to an element of tradition.
And manager Atli Edvaldsson followed up by writing off his chances of qualification for Euro 2004 - and insisting Scotland are locked in a two-horse race with Germany to win Group Five outright.
Though occupation is far from being funny, it seems to me that one cannot confront such adversity without insisting on the preservation of life and the refusal to accept despair.
Shcharansky's treatment had symbolized the plight of the Soviet "refuseniks," people who had been refused permission to emigrate and then harassed in various ways for insisting on their desire to do so.
Ormet took our jobs hostage and forced our members into the street by insisting on massive, unnecessary concessions," he said.
Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have also lent their weight to the cause by insisting that the pact will benefit all nations involved.
TV reporters continually interviewed current state workers insisting they'd be forced into 401(k)s.
In his statement, Boykin apologized to anyone who may have taken offense, insisting, "I am not anti-Islam or any other religion.
Compliance can range from insisting that the supplier buy and use particular brands and versions of software.
The midfield hardman upset Arsenal by insisting he has played his last game for the club and also blasted their new signings, which will mean a tough return to training.
Insisting that sex differences have their own physiological and psychological reality, she calls for "an understanding of sexual difference which will incorporate, not fight against, the corporeal.