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Josh insists Amber comes to his place Imogen spots her doing the walk of shame from the Willis house, and when Daniel finds Naomi's ring at Josh's, he goes to break the news to Paul - who seems to forgive her for her indiscretion.
But manager Slade insists he wants to keep Jones, insisting: "Kenwyne is part of our plans.
And the Reds chief insists that with the addition of some fresh talent, they can overhaul bitter rivals Manchester United at the top.
MERSEYSIDE councils insist they are tackling cyber bullying.
I've always been conscientious about my wife's contributions; it's never too far away from my thoughts,'' insists Carell, who lives in the Valley with Walls and their two children.
A second problem is that Finnegan places the Good Shepherd Sisters at the center of the magdalen movement in Ireland, and she insists that the Good Shepherd asylums were representative of the magdalen system as a whole.
But fifteen countries still insist on producing land mines.
For the first time they brought something back from the Internet dimension to their world: volcanic dust and Ashley insists she saw Austin playing when they needed to leave while he insists he was not fooling around.
Texaco's legal representative in Nicaragua, Juan Carlos Habed, insists that Texaco's primary object is to protect the environment.
Schaeffer insists his company uses only full-strength, certified hydrosol, which he points out is actually rather expensive.
King insists in the preface that he selected them without bias, nor was he aiming at the creation of an image of Williams that he or others might find more or less palatable.