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The report claims without Insite that there would have been over 2,000 emergency medical visits for injection mishaps, and the treatment of infections associated with unsafe injecting.
to Business InSite is a tremendous asset to business researchers
Weisman, President and CEO, InSite Wireless Group, LLC.
The addicts supply their own drugs and insite provides free needles and sterile conditions.
According to Paul O'Brien, General Manager of IAC's Corporate Division, "We are pleased that the initial response to IAC InSite has been so positive and widespread, and that our suite of products continues to address a spectrum of everyday business research concerns.
In addition, the staff of the Exchange notified InSite that pursuant to Section 1003(f)(v) of the Company Guide, the staff believes that a reverse stock split is appropriate in view of the fact that InSite's common stock has been selling for a substantial period of time at a low price per share and that the low selling price of its common stock over the aforementioned period constituted an additional deficiency with respect to the Exchange's continued listing requirements.
Columbia obtained from Insite, the worldwide rights to market ophthalmic, veterinary products which utilize Insite's sustained release gel technology.
Under the terms of the agreement, InSite grants exclusive rights to Inspire to commercialize AzaSite for ocular infection in the U.
The implementation of Sprint's new strategy and the Insite product family begins with Insite Executive, the industry's only all- graphics-based network management system, and its first "service manager," 800 Call Director, both of which were also announced here today.
Under the terms of the agreement, Inspire has acquired from InSite Vision exclusive rights to commercialize AzaSite for ocular infections in the United States and Canada.
InSite Vision is an ophthalmic company founded in 1986 to commercialize patented delivery technology and novel drug compounds with the goal of preserving and improving sight.
InSite Vision's chief executive officer stated, "The execution of the Pfizer license represents a significant milestone in the development of InSite Vision's AzaSite franchise.