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Insitu leads the small UAS business and has excelled in delivering accurate and timely information to enable our customers to make the best decisions possible, says Matt Bartow, Insitus Chief Technology Officer.
Persistent Systems, LLC (Persistent) announced that it has entered into a five-year agreement with Insitu, a Boeing Company.
Being deployed by such high-profile users is certainly helping to drive the market forward from Insitus perspective.
We used Peterson et al.'s method (15) and an Insitus Biotechnologies kit for nuclei isolation; for this purpose 25-50-[micro] thick paraffin-embedded tissue samples were collected into microcentrifuge tubes.
In Definition 3 of the Principia, Newton very strikingly and paradoxically describes inertia as vis inertiae, the force of inertia, and identifies this force with materiae vis insita, translated here as "inherent force of matter." The Latin insita, used here as a past participle modifying vis, is taken from insero, inserere, insevi, insitus and means implanted, innate, or inborn.
The FISH probes were diluted 1:50 in DenHyb buffer (Insitus Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM), hybridization mix (10 [micro]L per slide) was applied to the sections, followed by simultaneous denaturing of probe and target at 90[degrees]C for 13 minutes.
D'ailleurs, ce topos est bien developpe au Moyen Age comme, par exemple, en temoignent BEDA (In principium Genesis, l, 2, 1403 CCSL 118A JONES): Bene autem in faciem inspirasse deus homini dicitur ut fieret in animam uiuentem, quia nimirum insitus ei spiritus ea quae foris sunt contemplatur, utpote qui pars cerebri anterior unde sensus omnes distribuuntur ad frontem conlocata est), REMIGIVS AVTlSS.
Pulchritudo autem dei radius, quatuor illis insitus circulis circa deum quodammodo revolutis, huiusmodi radius omnes rerum omnium species in quatuor illis effingit: species illis in mente ideas, in anima rationes, in natura semina, in materia formas appellare solemus.
Peter Kunz, Insitus Chief Technology Officer noted, Insitu continues to progress toward our goal of offering all-electric power and propulsion system options for Insitu platforms.
Insitus ScanEagle is a versatile platform with multiple payload capabilities, including providing high-definition imaging at a fraction of the cost of larger UAV systems.
Ballard has also received a follow-on contract from Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary, for extended durability testing of the next-generation 1.3 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell propulsion system to power test flights of its ScanEagle UAV platform.
Ballard Power Systems announced that the companys subsidiary, Protonex, has delivered prototype PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell propulsion modules to Insitu, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, for use in its ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).