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Finally, the Rabshakeh abandons his pretense to be the agent of the Lord, whom he now insolently compares with the false gods of the many nations that Sennacherib vanquished.
Why say that he adopted his mother's surname, Lemebel, out of pride and a sense of solidarity with women, that he was an opening act in a Manu Chao concert, that he strutted insolently through the halls of the Sheraton, whisky in hand, while an embittered Miguel Bose waited impatiently, amid lights, to meet the myth called Lemebel.
93) For a different view, see Shippey, for whom "there is no sign the Dane with the sword has been insolently boastful at all, but since the whole situation is imaginary, that can hardly be tested.
is to be able to do wrong and insolently flaunt justice and law" (p.
Takvim said that The New York Times has continued to behave insolently by using photos of President Erdoy-an and Prime Minister Davutoy-lu in the article and linked the news report to the Jewish background of the family Ochs-Sulzberger, who owns the NYT.
Regardless of the diving mode, there is no way to predict which hazards of the deep await a person who insolently plunges into the world's cold, muddy waters.
Two flares Rose explosion Like two breasts unbound Raising their nipples insolently HE KNEW HOWTO LOVE what an epitaph ("Festival")
He insolently dumped it in what he described as the "garbage can of history.
And when Nawaz's national security advisor Sartaj Aziz stated innocently that the Indian soldiers' presence on the Siachen glacier was damaging it and resultantly hurting Pakistan's water resources, the Indian military retorted insolently that in no event would vacate its occupation, which it declared to be of strategic import to India.
She reproaches him his lack of good manners, at which Mellors insolently answers that he has given them up a long time ago.
He insolently mocked the truth about the rights of Bulgarian and Soviet citizens to travel abroad", says a 1975 letter.
As humans, we have become automatons, on one hand so directly connected with our own bodies and its every pang of dissatisfaction but on the other we have never been so insolently lazy, so disconnected from eachother on a primal, spiritual, vital level--and that can only be achieved through life practiced in its most functional, sensual, un-reductionist form--the solving of problems--otherwise known as improvisation.