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And I guess you'll stay there too," added the American insolently.
One mild morning in the beginning of November, it happened that I was standing outside the portico patting lazy old Caesar, a Newfoundland almost blind with age, the only dog that ever took any notice of me--for the very dogs shunned me, and fawned on the happier people about me--when the groom brought up my brother's horse which was to carry him to the hunt, and my brother himself appeared at the door, florid, broad-chested, and self-complacent, feeling what a good-natured fellow he was not to behave insolently to us all on the strength of his great advantages.
Mowgli looked--stared, rather--as insolently as he knew how, and in a minute Shere Khan turned away uneasily.
Seven years before, he had seriously answered, "Next month, I think," to the chaffing attempt to secure his custom made by that distinguished local wit, the Colebrook barber, who happened to be sit- ting insolently in the tap-room of the New Inn near the harbour, where the captain had entered to buy an ounce of tobacco.
My own reading of the situation for what it is worth--" he inflated his chest enormously and looked insolently around him at the words-- "is that evolution has advanced under the peculiar conditions of this country up to the vertebrate stage, the old types surviving and living on in company with the newer ones.
Such, at least, were the stories told of him in the countryside, and there were many more--as that he had stood insolently in a splendid green dressing gown on the steps of a great hotel, and then led the police a chase through a long suite of grand apartments, and finally through his own bedroom on to a balcony that overhung the river.
But the man with the crooked nose was sitting waiting for his return, with his hat still insolently on his head, and actually reading one of my brother's books under my brother's lamp.
Steadily, sturdily, almost insolently, he had thrust his way through to the front ranks.
Another man stepped forward in almost a sprightly way and glanced insolently up.
Hold on, don't get all-ruffled up," Bertie interposed insolently.
Being asked her reason for this strange proceeding, she insolently hints that the Countess's service is no service for an honest woman, since the Baron has entered the house.
Henry Dallas, the superintendent, was a vulpine-faced creature who regarded me insolently and refused to talk.