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The theories of community proposed by Mervyn James, Sarah Beckwith, and Eamon Duffy circle around addressing the sense of irreducible heterogeneity of community that I identify in the microcosms of the entry plays, but they ultimately cannot account for the true insolubility of this heterogeneity without first acknowledging the dimensions of the marginalization (locational, somatic, and spiritual) of a community's outcasts.
Insolubility was detected early in the lifespan (30 days after birth) of mice (Figure 3, panel C), which suggested that quantification of 113LBoPrP would reflect a cumulative effect.
This insolubility in the water was the reason why the AAS approved chemical and bacterial methods for water monitoring did not correlate with the biological results.
As an immobilization matrix, the merit of Eudragit L-100 is its solubility during catalysis with its insolubility below pH 4.
This study shows a dramatic reversal of unformulated curcumin, which passes through the gastrointestinal tract undigested due to hydrophobicity and insolubility at acidic pH.
Among the other advantages of such nanocomposites, mention can be made of their insolubility that allows them to be easily separated from the reaction media.
Globe: The most important insolubility in north Kurdistan is the politic view trying to govern a national issue with minority politics.
Researchers working in biochemistry, food science and nutrition, dentistry, agriculture, microbiology, and other fields in Europe, the US, and Asia first address the structure and chemistry of amino acids, peptides, and proteins, then modes of characterization and the functional relationships of food proteins, including protein solubility and insolubility and proteins and peptides as emulsifying and foaming agents.
The polyprenols and polyprenol acetates in this neutral fraction are separated from the other components by taking advantage of their insolubility in ethanol.
EU received the lowest grades in its Turkey policy as it blocked the membership negotiations with political obstacles as well as in Cyprus due to its policy supporting insolubility.
Despite its purifying and astringent effects, the application of mastic in cosmetic has been limited due to its insolubility in water.
Cadmolith colors are red and yellow lithopone cadmium sulfides and selenides with good hiding power, good resistance to light and heat, inertness, and insolubility in organic media.