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It appears to me that this mystery is considered insoluble, for the very reason which should cause it to be regarded as easy of solution - I mean for the outré character of its features.
This solution deposits in a few hours the greater part of the strychnine salt as an insoluble bromide in transparent crystals.
But Ikey was timid, and his hopes remained insoluble in the menstruum of his backwardness and fears.
Whether there is a universal, called "whiteness," or whether white things are to be defined as those having a certain kind of similarity to a standard thing, say freshly fallen snow, is a question which need not concern us, and which I believe to be strictly insoluble.
There was no solution, but that universal solution which life gives to all questions, even the most complex and insoluble.
comes in with the force of an insoluble problem, I shall simply say that I made the acquaintance of these ladies about six months before that time.
The abyss to which he could find no bottom, and from which started forth the engrossing and ever-swelling difficulty of his life, was the insoluble question whether he was Veneering's oldest friend, or newest friend.
Why that should have happened to her which had not happened to other women remained an insoluble question by which she expressed her perpetual ruminating comparison of the past with the present.
com/research/dtlt7l/world_markets_for) has announced the addition of the "World Markets for Insoluble Sulfur 2015" report to their offering.
The extended release of the active ingredient can be achieved by coating a porous but insoluble film over the tablet or particle or by incorporating the drug substance into either a porous yet insoluble matrix or an eroding matrix.
The researchers determined how incremental increases in the levels of finely processed, insoluble fiber and viscous soluble fiber would affect the viscosities of pureed food systems--vegetable, meat, starch and casserole products.
50, wherein the cationic modified starch is not substantially water insoluble, wherein the cationic modified starch is cross-linked by a cross-linking agent.