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(41) Identifying the relevant legal standard, the court stated that "[a] claim is indefinite only when it is 'not amenable to construction' or 'insolubly ambiguous.'" (42) The court held that the claim did "not suffer from indefiniteness" because a PHOSITA would believe that the claim was sufficiently bounded.
"insolubly ambiguous." (139) Nautilus granted the Federal
When the Supreme Court rejected the Federal Circuit's "insolubly ambiguous" standard, it did not spell out exactly what it meant for a claim to be "precise enough to afford clear notice of what is claimed" while "tak[ing] into account the inherent limitations of language." (163) The Federal Circuit's attempt to anticipate Nautilus was a failure (164) and in the immediate aftermath, it considered the issue only twice, rather briefly.
2120 (2014) (shoring up the requirement of claim definiteness and rejecting the Federal Circuit's "insolubly ambiguous" standard).
The Supreme Court heard the case, and then reversed and rejected the "insolubly ambiguous" patent standard.
It has done so with a rule that says that a patent stands unless it's insolubly ambiguous, which is a very, very difficult standard for invalidating a patent.
Indeed it is the activity of the JuD and other groups in the disputed region that lies at the heart of the territorial dispute, which seems set insolubly in stone.
(90) The plurality regarded Salinas' silence as "insolubly ambiguous," and unlinked to a Fifth Amendment assertion.
But if the mystery is insolubly mysterious, then there would seem to be little future in writing upon Swifts feelings about and experience of the world.
However, the breadth of CGM is also problematic, perhaps insolubly so.
Fluoride binds insolubly to calcium and magnesium in nerve and muscle cells, thereby shutting down function.
The permissive "insolubly ambiguous" standard promulgated by the Federal Circuit allows for claims that are often nonetheless highly ambiguous in scope, to an extent which seems unnecessary and at odds with the important notice function of patent claims.