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So bound is he to the imperatives of civil order that the immense moral choice with which he is confronted (whether to remand an escaped slave back to the South or to free him and risk the coming of war) seems insolvable only because his moral vision is already gnostic, already inclined to deify the ship of state--"For states, you know, and nations are like ships" (Taken in Faith 50)--and ready to impose on the nation the law of the sea with its absolute discipline and sovereignty, just as Melville depicted it in Billy Budd.
The process of controlling weapons of mass destruction began with a similar seemingly insolvable, yet potentially catastrophic, long-term problem and was initially dominated by high-minded speeches outlining visionary goals for "general and complete disarmament" The UN was the focal point for most of the action, starting with the 1947 Acheson-Lilien-that proposal to place all the world's nuclear materials and facilities under UN control.
Whether we claim as our preaching context our crumbling institutional church, our struggling national economy, seemingly insolvable global hotspots, the changes and chances of life, or the guilt and grief that sorrows and scars our souls, our answer is not so heady or churchy.
He admits that how the covenant is fulfilled in Christ is a "virtually insolvable paradox," the solution for which can be found only in an eschatological perspective.
However, Macedonia's peacekeepers and soldiers protecting Macedonia's territory faced a seemingly insolvable problem in recent years as a result of the law stipulating that their employment contracts should end once they turn 38 years of age.
However, we, diplomats, never recognize nor accept insolvable situations.
Easier (and this is possibly why Lebanese politicians are so very good at it) is to add extra elements to the insolvable equation, further muddy the waters and blame the other side for the obfuscation.
He knows there's a problem, but it's not an insolvable problem," he said.
Commuters said that public transports are being promoted all over the world but this problem is insolvable in the capital city Islamabad, and also added that fuel import could be reduced by discouraging privates vehicles.
Mashooq Ali Khwaja from the Pakistan Study Centre, University of Sindh, Jamshoro described to the audience that Jinnah was against feudalism and capitalism based on Western economic theory, as according to him, "it had caused insolvable problems to humanity.
We outline some examples and propose possible solutions that we assess in the light of behavioral effects, highlighting how complex, difficult, and insolvable the issue of transfer pricing is in reality.
In practice, because of the insolvable technical problems of creating the tractive effort-speed curve in the ideal locomotive, energy losses often reach 15-20% and more.