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There is no such thing as an insolvable problem when the will to solve it is there, which was what investors have felt through our relations in recent times.
In addition, it keeps the number of stations concurrently accessing the channel to an appropriate level, as too much concurrent stations will result in a high proportion of insolvable collisions and hence an ineffective data transmission.
I'm simply saying if your definition of God leads to insolvable problems, don't agonize over the problems.
To conclude it was the British agenda to leave India the way they wanted it to be had created insolvable problems for the region.
If there is any conflict between professional ethical rules and organizational laws, consultants and psychologists follow professional ethical rules and in some cases that there is conflict between professional ethical rules and law, they should follow logical activities for solving conflict and respect professional ethical rules, if this conflict is insolvable, they are required to respect law
They somehow feel that they can, by strength of their earnestness and charisma, solve the insolvable and heal decades of hatred and mistrust with their sincere honest intentions.
Lack of affordable housing is considered by many urban planners to have negative effects on a community's overall health The problem is not insolvable, only the route to the solution requires the will to take the first steps.
Initiating that particularly radical change should precipitate a cascading domino effect and effectively topple all other, problematic, seemingly insolvable health care plan details smoothly into place.
The problems ranging from financing health care to patient safety, from Medicare fraud to HMO reform, from daunting numbers of medically indigent Americans to personnel shortages seem infinite and insolvable.
The great insolvable litter puzzle is that in a supposedly wealthy, orderly and well-educated nation, why is there any litter at all?
However the biggest victim of the private banking greed that has prevailed over the past several decades has been none other than the mighty United States of America which now faces an insolvable fiscal cliff, whose origins can be traced back to 1913 when Congress was hoodwinked by the private banks into accepting their central bank creation, the Federal Reserve System, which has subsequently overseen the demise of the once mighty dollar through their inflationary money creation policies.
Recently, however, most studies of guidance practices claim that the school authorities in order to save time and money should focus on prevention and early intervention before deviant problems become more complicated and insolvable.