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Based on the data analysis it was indicated that Pearson correlation coefficient between two variables of organizational structure and level of insouciance and self-restraint equals to 0.
an affirmation of the sort of political innocence or insouciance that is anathema to the professionally astute.
Il est evident que la curiosite de l'enfant, son insouciance et son manque d'evaluation du risque peuvent le mener a des situations parfois dangereuses.
Love Letters flaunts the band's musical versatility and their energetic but effortless insouciance allowed them to alternate from the new album to 2011's The English Riviera with ease, sometimes visiting their even earlier work.
If the true founders of English Surrealism might be said to be Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, Melly, through his winning and debonair portrait, conveys its spirit in whimsical if bittersweet honesty, as Mesens declines in a series of "aggressively clean white rooms" with a mournful insouciance at once his own and his chronicler's.
With his casual tone and relaxed manner it was as though he had never been away from the limelight, powering through a nigh-on two-hour set with the confident insouciance of a comedy mainstay.
Once considered the force behind the young leader, he displayed a bold insouciance that seemed calculated to show he was beyond reach.
Jacob Sullum's excellent piece on the New York Police Department's unconscionable and unconstitutional stop-and-frisk program ("When Policing Becomes Harassment," July) highlighted the astounding level of abuse in the program as well as the equally astounding insouciance by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg toward the program's human costs.
From his first appearance, he was the picture of brash insouciance.
It would have some sparkle, some sex, some insouciance.
But in the same poll, it also said it was the least arrogant-a twist The Guardian called a "display of Gallic insouciance.
Dans une declaration publiee a l'issue d'une reunion dimanche du bureau politique du PAM axee sur la decision du PI de se retirer du gouvernement, le porte-parole du parti a ajoute que sa formation "deplore le retard incomprehensible accuse par le gouvernement, notamment son chef, pour traiter de maniere anticipee et serieuse les problematiques liees au manque de cohesion des composantes de l'executif et son insouciance face aux remarques et critiques formulees par plusieurs parties, dont celles exprimees a maintes reprises par notre parti, partant de son souci de contribuer a la reussite de l'experience democratique".