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The younger category was the insouciant one, with 43% who consider that revealing personal information was not a big problem (compared with 33% in the EU); and 48% who were not put off by doing so in exchange for free services (compared with 29% in the EU).
The line, bearing the insouciant label of Joe Fresh, sold well enough that Loblaws decided to open stand-alone stores under the Joe Fresh banner.
Secure in his remarkable skill, Steven McRae polishes off the Blue Boy's intricate variations with jaunty clarity, and Samantha Raine and Akane Takada as the Blue Girls bring an insouciant sparkle to their dizzying turns.
Although somewhat basic, they're beautifully combined to create a subtle elegance that complements her insouciant lan perfectly.
The Kid was a strangely insouciant, boyish man who charmed women just as handily as he murdered men.
Anyone who is insouciant about a lower quality of public servant is allowing ideology to blind him to reality.
Krishna, has to repeatedly request Chinese authorities to be "sensitive" towards Indian concerns; yet, the former continues with its insouciant behaviour.
"In reality, we should remain insouciant, like children, and keep working."
even the city-specific Second City shows covered in Strategies and the insouciant replies of David Ives on the back page--all fly the funny flags, even as they maintain a measure of seriousness.
There's an argument that South Africa are better offensively than the insouciant French and their players claim they will have overcome opening-day jitters.
Barnstorming running barefoot across beaches disguising themselves as Fascist wannabees cheating at roulette with Countess Maggie of Hoboken and gardening with King Sveaty the pair makes their insouciant way through mystery toward romance.
Combining the flair of two legends--Annie Ross for insouciant jazz swing and Millicent Martin for gleeful wit--the considerably younger Clare Burr delivered a dazzling set in her cabaret debut.