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All sorts of choral and compositional devices are employed here, ranging from a Pendereckian overlapping of repeated textures delivered in free time to insouciant whistling, a hurlyburly of response which at times becomes almost sacramental, as in the fourth movement which quotes directly from the Last Supper - MacMillan's resources speaking directly to us all.
The jarring specificity and sense of adventure of the great Combines is not mitigated by but must be understood in contrast with the insouciant artiness of many of the smaller works and the discomfiting sense that the entire enterprise could coalesce into one big dandified haze.
Blair looked uncomfortable, his efforts to appear similarly insouciant undermined by the inability to get his hands fully into pockets that appeared glued to the groin.
Bellucci is asked to do little more than appear insouciant and work her hips; Sulfaro has most of the heavy lifting as the kid driven mad with unrequited lust, and he's fine.
She uses this contrast to create an insouciant balance between classicism and comedy in this four-movement gallivant for Keith Roberts, John Selya, Elizabeth Parkinson, Paul Taylor's Andrew Asnes and American Ballet Theatre's Ashley Tuttle.
I swear, even the plumes of people's icy breath dissipated with an insouciant Italian elegance (he writes, while watching a wildlife documentary on TV about pandas in China competing to see who can pee highest up the bamboo tree).
It has its own style--a lot of Russian, a touch of American, and a kind of insouciant risk-taking that is totally its own.
Much of the cast seems a British who's who - Miranda Richardson stars as Queen Mary, who ignores her son with the same insouciant grace with which she ignores the women protesting on behalf of the suffragette movement, while Michael Gambon plays John's good-humored grandfather.
And she laughed and spread her hands in an insouciant, gleeful gesture and added, "Quite mad, like all of them.
Lots of people looking glamorous, lots of insouciant scooterists, many tourists and lots of thin women.
In light of the dilatory response to Third Point's demands, the remarkable timing of the Company's press release and the board's inexplicably insouciant comment about its current strategy, Third Point believes that the Company may not be fully committed to the robust process of maximizing shareholder value that its owners have demanded and further believes that shareholder representatives must be added to the Nabi Board and must participate in the value maximization process.
The coherence of the collection Open to the Public may lie in the first-person narrator (twenty-three out of thirty-seven stories), who functions as an insouciant God-like stand-in rather than as part of the action.