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Images are then inspected using Teledyne Dalsa's iNspect software.
Written requests to inspect or obtain copies of such material should be directed to: IRS Customer Service--Tax Exempt & Government Entities Division (TEGE), PO Box 2508, Room 2023, Cincinnati, OH 45201.
When the fabrics are off, all rolls should be inspected for damage; inspect the suction rolls and the grooved rolls thoroughly for plugging.
The FDA inspects shell eggs (as opposed to processed egg substitutes or egg-containing products), but because of limited resources the inspections are carried out rarely--usually in response to food poisoning outbreaks.
Cooper discussed the vision system used at one foundry to inspect 24 different ductile iron automotive safety parts.
The Court held "that the rationale behind the common law right of inspection is that those in charge of the corporation are merely the agents of the shareholders, and a shareholder's right to inspect a corporation's books and records is only the right to inspect and examine that which is his own.
During the initial analysis the computer already learned that wear" and "damage" are objects of inspect," so there is no need for further
Underground pipes are a key component of nuclear power plants but are difficult to inspect and sometimes inaccessible, said Richard Rossi, GEH Vice President, Asset Management Services.
Inspect the bolt immediately for abnormal wear in the breech block slot.
Kam Dhanda will inspect Cleveland Tower on Thursday October 5 at 10am, meeting at the front door entrance' Liz Heafield will inspect Woodview on October 11 at 10am, meeting outside Woodview Primary School' Alison Gilhespy will inspect Lee Bank on October 12 at 10am, meeting outside Landsdown House, Great Colmore Street' and Kam Dhanda will inspect Clydesdale Tower on October 18 at 10am, meeting outside the front door entrance.
Before he could throw a pitch, Robinson was out of the dugout and requesting that the umpire crew inspect Donnelly's glove.
We can now inspect more of the 'worst of the worst' cases," says Bernie Deck, the mining co-ordinator for the Ontario Ministry of Labour.