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An examination or investigation; the right to see and duplicate documents, enter land, or make other such examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence.

The inspection of documents relevant to issues in a lawsuit is an important element of discovery.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

INSPECTION, comm. law. The examination of certain articles made by law subject to such examination, so that they may be declared fit for commerce. The decision of the inspectors is not final; the object' of the law is to protect the community from fraud, and to preserve the character of the merchandise abroad. 8 Cowen, R. 45. See 1 John. 205; 13 John. R. 331; 2 Caines, R. 312; 3 Caines, R. 207.

INSPECTION, practice. Examination. 2. The inspection of all public records is free to all persons who have an interest in them, upon payment of the usual fees. 7 Mod. 129; 1 Str. 304; 2 Str. 260, 954, 1005. But it seems a mere stranger who has no such interest, has no right, at common law. 8 T. R. 390. Vide Trial by inspection.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Recently, the customer needed to inspect a completely different and unique part, a slit in a Duckbill, and they were able to set up the appropriate lighting scheme and fields of view on their own, without any help from me.
Iran's consulate in Iraqi city of Basra rejected the claims about sending weapons to Syria through Iraq's airspace, saying no weapon has been found in Syria-bound Iranian planes which were inspected in Iraq so far.
Then along comes the UAE saying it has inspected "hundreds" of Iranian cargoes.
Although the InVista tool can only inspect 3-inch to 12-inch pipes currently, the Inspection Department is working with Quest Integrity to design larger sized tools for different sized pipe used by Aramco.
Inspect your building's exterior for unnecessary cracks, crevices, and holes, and seal them with weather-resistant foam sealant or caulk.
Mike Turner, spokesman for Raytheon Aircraft Co, said that all the operators had already been told to inspect the aircraft and most had been inspected.
machines is their ability to inspect products with similar signatures in Product Clusters.
It takes about four to five seconds to inspect a piece of wood using XRF units, increasing sorting times by up to 10 fold; however in this case the efficiency of sorting reaches nearly 100 percent.
For the camp's climbing wall operating procedures, specify how often the staff will inspect the holds, etc.
Form 4506-A is used to make a written request to inspect or obtain copies of this information; it should be sent to the appropriate address listed on that form.
Scheduled shutdowns offer an excellent opportunity to change out, inspect, clean, and optimize machine clothing in every position.