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Our technology gives industrial firms a new option for inspecting critical pieces of equipment more accurately and efficiently than ever before," Stevick said.
In addition, the air forwarders must have a method for inspecting customers, although with FAA approval, they can have less stringent measures for companies like General Motors that conduct regular business, than for those who walk in off the street.
It's also important to be vigilant about inspecting the inside of your home.
Users simply click on the floating HighRES toolbar and see the probe collecting or inspecting data on screen, in real time, direct in Mastercam X.
Aside from differing bodies of professional knowledge, contracting and inspecting are totally dissimilar practices, utilizing wholly divergent skills.
But in 2002, UPS implemented a software program it developed called Target Search to assist the CBP officials inspecting shipments coming through Worldport, UPS's largest international air hub in Louisville.
Because of this, we decided to send the Odyssey Explorer to the search area so we could immediately begin visually inspecting the many side-scan targets we've located.
When your car is involved in a crash, you expect industry-leading experts inspecting the damage and estimating the repair costs so that it gets fixed right.
Some homeowners may not be comfortable inspecting or working on their roof or on ladders.
Deployed at the network edge, Vernier's EdgeWall security appliance provides comprehensive network access management to defend against intrusions and attacks on the network by screening users and devices, restricting access, inspecting traffic for worms and viruses, and enforcing access policy.
It can penetrate approximately 15 inches of steel while inspecting for contraband such as weapons of mass destruction.