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In addition to ultrasonic robotic inspection technology, GEH offers electromagnetic robotic technology capable of inspecting pipes with non-ferritic liners such as concrete lined pipes.
Designed to inspect small features over a wide area, Checker 232 provides reliable inspection results on the fastest production lines, detecting and inspecting up to 1500 parts per minute.
Some M240 gunners and repairmen are confused about what to look for when inspecting the buffer.
In 2008, county weights and measures agencies will be able to establish fees sufficient to cover the costs of inspecting every scale and meter at least annually, Floren said.
The Joneses consulted someone who had experience inspecting and building homes.
Because of the difficulty of visually inspecting commingled C&D materials for the presence of CCA-treated wood, removal of arsenic-treated wood at C&D recycling facilities accepting commingled C&D debris will thus depend more heavily upon "back-end" inspection--inspection after the wood is sorted out on a picking line.
When inspecting, cleaning, or repairing machine clothing, procedures differ depending on whether the clothing has been removed or remains on the machine.
Property owners must be vigilant about inspecting, maintaining and repairing common areas that could lead to mold problems, such as the roof, pipes, foundations, and windows.
The task of inspecting carcasses and meat plants is so great that in 1999 it consumed $712 million--70% of the federal monies allocated to the two agencies for food safety programs.
is now capable of inspecting a wider range of preform finishes and allows remote viewing of operations.
The EdgeWall line of NAC appliances helps IT administrators defend their networks against intrusions and attacks from endpoints by screening users and devices for desktop policy compliance, restricting access to network resources, inspecting network and application traffic for worms and viruses, and enforcing remediation on infected and out-of-compliance devices.
After inspecting Donnelly's glove, the crew ejected Donnelly and kept his glove as evidence.