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According to the New York City Department of Buildings' (NYCDOB) old code, (1968), inspectors worked under the supervision of professional engineers and registered architects to perform these inspections, however, technician qualification were vague and limited.
Be sure to determine how long he or she has been doing inspections, the quality of training, and whether he or she is certified.
While reviewing different aircraft logbooks as part of surveys, I've noticed that the "art" of documenting maintenance inspections has fallen a little behind.
Fairchild demonstrates that immigrant medical inspections varied--and produced different rates of exclusion--between entrance points on the East Coast, the West Coast, the Canadian and Mexican borders, the Gulf Coast, and in the United States' island possessions.
Automatic x-ray inspection automates decisions that, in the past, were made by operators, and offers repeatable, dependable analysis of tires according to specific pre-set parameters.
The joint inspections were announced in January, after the City Attorney's Office received numerous complaints about dirty school restrooms.
ProClarity's analytic offering provides access to a collection of more than 30 million reports and inspections and will soon be expanded to over 170 inspection circuit supervisors.
Peck: How many nursing home inspections have been completed thus far (late August) under the Initiative?
The survey was designed to obtain evidence about current QC practices, member opinions of these practices and estimates of the costs of continuing professional education, peer review and internal inspections.
A basic stop-motion, or indexing, inspection system can make up to 250 inspections per minute for a cost of only around $10,000.
According to Les Silver, MPi CEO, the World Class Inspection Program provides dealers with the tools they need to capture a huge bite of this unrealized potential and improve their bottom line: "With World Class Inspections dealers are demonstrating a higher level of quality, professionalism and credibility to an audience that has for many years been skeptical.
In addition to Controlled Inspection and Special Inspection services, GMS offers a variety of specialized tests and inspections to diagnose the overall condition of a structure or provide in-depth understanding of specific aspects.

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