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INSPECTOR. The name given to certain officers whose duties are to examine and inspect things over which they have jurisdiction; as, inspector of bark , one who is by law authorized to examine bark for exportation, and to approve or disapprove of its quality. Inspectors of customs are officers appointed by the general government: as to their duties, see Story's L. U. S. vol. 1, 590, 605, 609, 610, 612, 619, 621, 623, 650; ii. 1490, 1516; iii. 1650, 1790.

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The implementation of the strategy has received virtually no research, inspectoral or parliamentary scrutiny.
Prof Morgan said: "The implementation of the pre-court strategy has received virtually no research, inspectoral or Parliamentary scrutiny.
Arnold in his 1869 Inspectoral Report aptly stated that 'admitting the stimulus of the test examination to be salutary, we may therefore yet say that when it is over-employed it has two faults: it tends to make the instruction mechanical, and to set a bar to duly extending it'.