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Even given the complexity of the solution overall, Altman noted that Teledyne Dalsa's inspect vision application software has simplified the design and deployment of the automated inspection process.
Purpose-built from the ground up for the most demanding enterprise network environments, the Vernier EdgeWall is the first Network Access Control product to deliver wire-speed authenticated and validated access to all users throughout the network, and then inspect and protect user traffic from security threats and malicious behavior with a fully integrated Inspection engine.
To inspect every packet and apply security rules at full 10 Gigabit rates is an exceptional accomplishment," said Winnie Callahan, executive director of the Peter Kiewit Institute, home to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln's College of Engineering and the University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Information Science.
Customs Officer Christopher King makes his way to an Ecuadorean cargo ship, above, and inspects an imported vehicle, below.
Vehicle owners and the technicians that inspect their vehicles need to be especially alert to damaged wiring and loose electrical connections, worn or blistered fluid lines and leaking connections, severely worn brake components, and damaged heat shields; especially those protecting catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds and other high temperature heat sources, AAA said.
The EHD will continue to inspect other businesses, such as smaller markets and hot food trucks, twice a year.
Vernier's EdgeWall appliances allow organizations to screen devices and users, restrict network access to only authorized resources, inspect traffic once the user is on the network for worms, viruses or unusual behavior, and enforce remediation policies at the edge of the network -- without disrupting network performance.
Using proprietary ultrasonic and navigation systems, OTIS-G inspects tank floors for topside and bottom-side corrosion.
cleans and inspects aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) containing viscous products or heavy sedimentation, and does so with the tanks in-service and full of product - something never before accomplished in these types of tanks.
And, as the SmartView system inspects more strip surface, we are significantly reducing the risk of sending coils with defects to customers.
The SV-2100 inspects for defects at multiple line locations, including paste and pre- or post-reflow, without hardware or software modifications, thereby helping to maximize production yield.
Sidewinder inspects the HTTP traffic and can easily drop suspicious URL requests, including the huge volume of network queries created by the Code Red worm.