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Between 1 September 2018 and 31 March 2019, Ofsted inspected 305 outstanding primary and secondary schools, which represents eight per cent of all exempt schools and is more than double the number inspected during the 2017/18 academic year.
The schools inspected are not typical of all outstanding schools.
Although Walsall and Wolverhamption have a high concentration of failing nurseries, they don't have the highest - that title goes to Slough, where 28 per cent of providers inspected received either "requires improvement" or "inadequate".
Sunderland had the highest percentage of outstanding nurseries, with 47 per cent of providers inspected receiving the top grade.
Of nine tons of wood inspected from the picking line, almost 1,400 pounds (or 8 percent) was treated.
It takes about four to five seconds to inspect a piece of wood using XRF units, increasing sorting times by up to 10 fold; however in this case the efficiency of sorting reaches nearly 100 percent.
For the camp's climbing wall operating procedures, specify how often the staff will inspect the holds, etc.
The first describes the number of audits inspected and identifies inconsistencies with current auditing standards, but does not identify the specific audits inspected.
The second part communicates issues about the inspected auditing firm's systems of quality control (e.g., policies, processes, and controls over personnel hiring, training, and retention).
As such, the state issues significant monetary fines to agencies that have SSOs, which is also a method to encourage agencies to routinely inspect and clean their collections systems.
The time and labor required to inspect products using the customer's current manual system were costly; inspections were completed by workers who sat at inspection tables and manually checked the small parts, some of which were less than an inch in diameter, as they moved down a conveyor.
Cooper discussed the vision system used at one foundry to inspect 24 different ductile iron automotive safety parts.