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The inspiration which uttered itself in Hamlet and Lear could utter things as good from day to day for ever.
From that inspiration the man comes back with a changed tone.
The Assistant Commissioner watched the bullet head; the points of that Norse rover's moustache, falling below the line of the heavy jaw; the whole full and pale physiognomy, whose determined character was marred by too much flesh; at the cunning wrinkles radiating from the outer corners of the eyes - and in that purposeful contemplation of the valuable and trusted officer he drew a conviction so sudden that it moved him like an inspiration.
The conditions of confined space, seclusion, and solitude in a small four-roomed cottage were favourable to his inspiration.
It is a great privilege to have the inspiration and the opportunity.
I wanted a little inspiration, a little freshening up, a little change of ideas, and--
It's an acrostic--the name at this moment is Warren, and the idea's a convertible one, and a positive inspiration for Jarley.
All people of broad, strong sense have an instinctive repugnance to the men of maxims; because such people early discern that the mysterious complexity of our life is not to be embraced by maxims, and that to lace ourselves up in formulas of that sort is to repress all the divine promptings and inspirations that spring from growing insight and sympathy.
This season, ALDO pays tribute to those who find inspiration in the everyday, the everywhere, and the everything
Contract notice: Contract for guidance and inspiration materials to work with lE*ringsmENlstyret education with a focus on language development in courses for bilingual students.
2) The theology of inspiration appears to be taken as a settled question; thus one may proceed directly with the more immediate and pressing task of interpreting the biblical text and applying it to the life of the church.
BRITAIN'S favourite children's illustrator Sir Quentin Blake has received Coventry's first Lifetime Inspiration Award.