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It's an acrostic--the name at this moment is Warren, and the idea's a convertible one, and a positive inspiration for Jarley.
The name was thought by the friendly editor of the popular publication where they were serialized a main part of such inspiration as they might be conjectured to have, and was, as seldom happens with editor and author, cordially agreed upon before they were begun.
Behind every success is often a story of inspiration.
30 (BNA): Inspiration Economy this is what 50 experts from around the world coming to present or discuss during a 5 days workshops week full of lectures, mentorship, visits , best practices sharing that focus on areas relevant to inspiration as entrepreneurship , innovation , creativity, resilience , flipped and coexistence based education, behavioral wellbeing socio-economy, positive psychology, social sciences motivations with experts coming from more than 25 disciplines and fields including areas as Intensive care medicine, environmental engineering, youth sciences, social innovation, higher education development, etc.
26 May 2015 - UK-based specialised heating solutions provider Inditherm has proposed to acquire by way of a reverse takeover of the entire issued share capital of UK-based medical device distribution company Inspiration Healthcare Ltd.
Contract notice: Contract for guidance and inspiration materials to work with lE*ringsmENlstyret education with a focus on language development in courses for bilingual students.
2) The theology of inspiration appears to be taken as a settled question; thus one may proceed directly with the more immediate and pressing task of interpreting the biblical text and applying it to the life of the church.
BRITAIN'S favourite children's illustrator Sir Quentin Blake has received Coventry's first Lifetime Inspiration Award.
Our purpose was to explore how different sources of inspiration influenced two groups of students' inspiration process and their attitudes toward their design projects.
Ipsen (Paris:IPN) (Euronext: IPN, ADR: IPSEY) on Tuesday announced that its partner, Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Inc (Inspiration), has submitted a Biologics License Application (BLA) to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the approval of IB1001.
According to a recent survey conducted by Don Francisco's Coffee--whose "Inspiration Index" asked respondents to rate their level of inspiration on a scale of 0 ("not at all inspired") to 100 ("extremely inspired")--Americans scored an average of 66, indicating they generally feel inspired.
Inspiration Version 9 is a winner of the 2010 Codie Awards and a great upgrade.