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Maximum inspiratory pressure and maximum expiratory pressure (MEP) are simple, convenient, and noninvasive indices of RM strength at the mouth (12).
Multiple implanted Permaloc electrodes in the upperthorax were more effective than surface electrodes in generating inspiratory pressures because surface electrodes were limited by more spread of current to forelimb muscles.
Maximal inspiratory pressure at the mouth was measured using a handheld mouth pressure meter (MicroRPM[R] (RPM01), CareFusion Ltd.
Maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) data are presented in Table 3.
The maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) was measured at residual volume and the maximal expiratory pressure (MEP) was measured at total lung capacity.
For the measurement of maximal respiratory pressures, a pressure gauge (MICROMEDICAL RPM brand, Micro Medical Limited, PO Box 6, Rochester, Kent ME1 2AZ UK), with a previous vacuum calibration cmH2O every 7 days, with a range of approximately 300 cmH2O of expiratory pressure and inspiratory pressure was used.
25%-75%]: maximal mid-expiratory flow rate, MVV: maximum voluntary ventilation, MIP: maximum inspiratory pressure, MEP: maximum expiratory pressure.
In patients who are hyperinflated, recruitment of the accessory respiratory muscles aids the flattened diaphragm in generating sufficient inspiratory pressure to maintain adequate ventilation both when awake and during NREM sleep.
With volume-cycled breaths, worsening airways resistance or lung/chest wall compliance results in increases in peak inspiratory pressure with continued delivery of set tidal volume (unless peak pressure limit is exceeded).
They found that in spite of a normal arterial blood pressure, at IAP above 10 mmHg there is a decrease in venous return and cardiac output and an increase in the peak inspiratory pressure and the intra-thoracic pressures (4).

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