inspire hope

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A home defeat to a poor Dundee outfit and a 2-0 loss at St Mirren don't inspire hope before a meeting with Dundee United.
On his Twitter account, Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Director of Programming (who goes by the Xbox Live gamertag Major Nelson), may have made a statement on Wednesday that could inspire hope for a gamer-friendly outcome to (http://www.
Kean's future is definitely under review, but the whole way the club go about their signings does not inspire hope that they would find the right replacement.
Daily Musings for Contemplation which Inspire Hope and Encouragement with Practical Strategies for Living Each Day with the Challenge of Autism
For four years now GoDaddy and Danica Patrick have had a tremendous impact on our mission to help women and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer," said NBCF Co-Founder and CEO, Janelle Hail.
The content will equip and inspire hope in the hearts of believers and stir them to pray and believe God for another move of His Spirit.
Through collaborating with international superstars, we hope #HappySoundsLike will bring a smile to faces around the world and inspire hope for a better tomorrow.
They inspire hope that Macedonian companies will manage well next year, too," said SKM Chief Executive Jelisaveta Georgieva, who also presented the main activities of the Chamber in the first quarter of next year.
Mohammad Waleed Sankari said the market is meant to "paint a smile on the faces of children, women and families, and inspire hope in their hearts.
This would inspire hope and confidence around the world.
artist Jackie Sumell will speak in Willamette 110 about the power of art to inspire hope among oppressed populations; sponsored by UO Criminal Justice Network.
History supplies horror stories but there are also amazing tales that should inspire hope.