inspire hope

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Working to their new motto, Inspire Confidence Inspire Hope, MFC Foundation has refocused the work they do to meet the social challenges of today.
They can inspire hope in the people but have to be realistic as well.
May all of these events inspire hope and a sense of collective vision among young people.
JC Buendia: 'I want to usemywork to inspire hope and courage.'-PHOTOS BY JAM STA.
Despite the heaviness of its subject matter, this brief and gripping story will inspire hope through its raw and honest vulnerability.
The back and forth across the television airwaves did little to inspire hope that a holiday season closure of some federal government operations would end later this week, though the House and Senate are scheduled to meet again Thursday.
"The Mayor's Recovery Month Book Club is about bringing our community together to better understand the opioid epidemic, fight the stigma of addiction, and inspire hope for recovery."
I always want my music to inspire hope in everyone, regardless of how someone identifies their own sexuality."
Written as a metaphor for her own struggles growing up under an abusive step mother, Liberty has created an adventure designed to inspire hope.
But for Guardian, considering what unfolds from his releases, the greatest value of his music is to inspire hope and deliver the word of God.
Many episodes inspire hope, end happily and provide an opportunity for a sensitively appropriate sense of humor.
Taking place on November 17-18 at the American University of Sharjah (AUS), Relay for Life is a community fund-raising event organised by FoCP in collaboration with the American Cancer Society to inspire hope for those who are fighting cancer and to provide support for them and their families.