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HCR was applauded by the INSPIRE judges for their growth and diversification throughout the recession, as well as their impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate.
But more than that, the human spirit yearns to inspire. This duality--to inspire and to be inspired--is the cote of leadership and of life itself.
Their stories inspire me to appreciate every moment because you never know what might happen.
("He's the one who inspires me the most, or I let inspire.") Finding his spark, Demarbre sought out volunteers for his first film, little more than a collage of action scenes.
These institutions deliberately pervert the individual's "spiritual" power and thus control and "inspire" through the practice of intimidation.
None of the flashy bling-bling artists, that don't inspire me.
His story inspires me and shows me, as well as other incarcerated individuals, that with hard work, dedication and discipline there is hope, and one can be successful in society regardless of past transgressions.