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Folkman continued, "The important 'aha' for most who review these findings is that they have previously assumed (as we all tend to do) that being inspiring required someone to be an 'enthusiast.
These two films go a long way towards inspiring viewers to respond to life's challenges with honesty, creativity and determination.
In return, grant recipients are asked to share their story of cancer survival with cancer patients by visiting hospitals, sharing hope and inspiring them to never give up.
An inspiring autobiography of the award-winning photographer and artist.
From Warren Buffett Making The Largest Charitable Donation In History, To Smaller Overlooked Stories With A Dramatic Positive Impact, HappyNews Editors Identify The 10 Most Inspiring Stories Of 2006
The experiences of the Apollo astronauts serve to springboard visitors to the future, inspiring them to dream about the role they might play in the return to the Moon.