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With the exception of a few beautiful, succinct, imaginative stories, such as Lalumiere's "Dead" and Susanne Church's "The Needle's Eye's," these nearly perfunctory horror stories feel like the antithesis to local flavor: typical, universal horror tales that will make readers wonder, "Have I heard this one before?" While not inspiringly original, most of the stories' authors possess a better-than-average grasp of horror-fiction prose.
Seeing and hearing the truly special Glaswegian rock outfit at their best was a raw and inspiringly emotional event.
Inspiringly, the women ensure that the needs of the community are met before dividing the income that they make between them.
is so inspiringly dead-on as the title character that the actor convincingly is able to re-create some of the comedian's set pieces, but the film's tour de force close, where Chaplin receives a Special Academy Award at the 1972 Oscar ceremony, has Attenborough revisiting that night by showing actual film footage of several signature Chaplin scenes.
The Summit started on an inspiringly high note with appearances by the 2010 Women of Power Legacy Award winners: Non.
The International School of Central Switzerland (ISOCS) is inspiringly different!
The World Architecture Festival in Barcelona brought together hundreds of architects from across the world to judge and be judged in an inspiringly public forum.
By sharing their stories Smith unveils the inspiringly heart-wrenching lives of individuals who struggle to survive each day as they wait to return to their homes.
This is not a rigorous scientific tome but is hauntingly and inspiringly provocative.
The narrative is based on alternating moves between the present and the past, and the language, which at times descends to repulsive realism, is on other occasions alleviated by inspiringly lyrical bursts, as in these words about writing: "As if these lines were cords, or barbed wires upon which the words perch like frightened birds stalked by hunters or an approaching warden."
This marks the dawn of the new triennium and Bridget spoke inspiringly of the huge achievements of the 2008 Congress and the work that remains to be done before 2011.
Most inspiringly, they have developed their land to host children's camps, intercultural exchange, and foreign guests, knowing that they have to fight to remain on their own land.