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It is the truly human way of living, being willingly loved and loving inspirited creatures.
Christians especially should be asking whether these technologies and drugs are implemented as part of a culture focused on human beings as psychophysical unities, embodied spirits and inspirited bodies, (26) members of the body of Christ, integrally connected with the rest of creation.
To see young people energized and to meet aboriginal partners, to be inspirited by both Canadian and international guests and to listen to debates and discussions in the decision-making process of synod is a privilege that I wish every Anglican could experience.
Similar to her spirit of hospitality, he understands mutuality as being open to learn, to be changed, and to be inspirited by others.
No wonder his thoughts served as a counterweight to the "Old Left" and inspirited the "New Left.
I recently learned that Mahatma Gandhi celebrated his birthday today, so thought it appropriate to share my own inspirited GANDIY Gardening work.
They discuss the road to Abu Ghraib, how the US military responded to the drift toward torture, what torture does to human beings, what the torture debate reveals about American Christianity, an assessment of and reflection on Guantanamo from people who have been there, sacred bodies and inspirited flesh, imagine the sojourner, tortured truth, the religious roots of human rights, healing the American Christian relationship with the Muslim world, violence finds refuge in falsehood, religious torture in the war on terror, the dark knight of the American soul, a theological reflection on CIA black sites, and national security and a practical way forward.
Such integration is a common thread among the diverse inspirited but countercultural callings of the mothers; teachers and professors; ministers; artists; activists working in orphanages, women's shelters, and HIV/AIDS communities; sisters; and writers who are represented in these memoirs.
He delivers his message of hope, and his hearer is inspirited.
Inspired leadership literally means inspirited leadership.
The authors argue that "[b]oth radical democracy and Christianity are lived pedagogies of hope inspirited and envisioned through memories of the 'good, at its best'" (3).