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A neo-classical inspirited building displaying three important collections: The Fine Arts Museum, the Oskar Kokoschka and the Cantonal Printroom.
Gradually, millions were inspirited with faith and hope that the apartheid regime was actually evil, and liberation would come.
The California Dictionary Project began after an independent group of volunteers and entrepreneurs were inspirited by an article in the Wall Street Journal about the experiences of Mary French, a South Carolina woman who began a charity organization to buy dictionaries for third grade students.
In that moment we felt liberated by those two words, inspirited and made hopeful by what the thin, neatly dressed professor had said.
Their piety to the Cordillera heritage and their fidelity to their arts have inspirited my pride of my own ethnic birthright.
Coleridge, that inspirited her work in the current book, and even though it was Coleridge who first co-opted the Latin term in a quasi-English usage: "Marginalia.
But this apollonian Kuyper could barely contain the man of zest and fury who exploded onto the national stage outraged by insults to the honor of God, outraged by injustice, contemptuous of place-holders and routine, enamored of combat, an early master of mass politics who knew how crucial morale and myth (he called them inspirited "ideals") were to electoral success.
Several years in the planning, the expedition arose in the context of a growing ecoradical youth milieu committed to the celebration and defence of natural and cultural heritage, a mushrooming `sound system' culture consisting of electronic musicians, engineers and performance artists converging in pro-active and inspirited techno-tribes, and a world Rainbow Gathering in northern NSW held earlier in 2000 attracting many international `Rainbows' keen to continue their journey to Uluru.
Both Edwards and Heidegger "preached" at moments when it seemed to them the historical might realize the transcendent, when their respective worlds--colonial America, interwar Germany--could be inspirited and redeemed.
For Jonathan, speaking what Krieger refers to as kindergarten-level Yucatec (237), his training suggests he should reduce Central America to academic papers and a comfortable tenured position in the States, though under the tutelage of the more inspirited Miguel Saardaval, his attitudes begin to change.
The horse-and-buggy conference inspirited right-wing ideologues and gave new life to the Republicans, who had been in despair since being badly beaten in the 1934 elections, by permitting them to go to the country not as opponents of beneficial social legislation but as staunch defenders of the Constitution.