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Serving international bites and inspiriting cocktails, the 40Kong ambiance will develop throughout the night creating an indulgent environment for dining, lounging and spending time with friends in style.
As Pat put it when describing the historical process of inspiriting rights frameworks, "[t]he making of something out of nothing took immense alchemical fire." (9)
for intellectuals such as Li, it was the power of mass movement demonstrated by russia that was so inspiriting for China: In the course of this world mass movement, all the refuse of history which stand in the path of the new movement - such as emperors, nobles, warlords, bureaucrats, militarism and capitalism - will certainly be destroyed...In meeting this irresistible tide, all of them will one by one be surely destroyed.
This 60th anniversary of the Clinical Center, the NIH's beating heart, is inspiriting and depressing: Public health is being enhanced -- rapidly, yet unnecessarily slowly -- by NIH-supported research here, and in hundreds of institutions across the country, into new drugs, devices and treatments.
Despite paying lip service to artistic depictions of love and other elevated experiences, he refers to attraction as a "program," says that love "exists to meet the [evolutionary] needs of the neocortex," and explains the accompanying experiences of euphoria and yearning as "account[ed] for" by "high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine." His descriptions of creativity and spirituality are even less inspiriting than this.
For me, there were several experiences that were both moving and inspiriting. Praying at the Kotel [the Western Wall], wading into the Sea of Galilee and reflecting at Tabgha, believed to be the site of the multiplication of loaves and fish, were unlike many other religious experiences for me.
The fact of his personal story of being half black and all that is a wonderful, inspiriting story.
Its first sentence reads: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." At the beginning and the end of the book, Spalding asks: "Do we still hold these truths?" In every generation since 1776, it seems to me, as it seems to Spalding, that whatever America has done (in Alexander Hamilton's lovely and inspiriting phrase) "to vindicate the honour of the human race," we have done because we have been able, in principle and in practice, to answer in the affirmative.
The NRI Achievers award - Gulf Edition was launched by BIB and sponsored by the Government of India with a view towards increasing NRI exposure and inspiriting future generations within India and abroad.
Though the book makes no mention of its indebtedness, Shelley's (not to mention Chandler's) "England in 1819" serves as a kind of inspiriting text here.
Even Sack becomes, in "The Welcome to Sack," an "illustrious spouse" (13) who, in turn, transubstantiates into an inspiriting "genius" (56) and the poet's "best God" (59).
As its subject matter might suggest, the play is not exactly "new," and while its opening just after the last woozy fanfare of a dreary Broadway season is inspiriting, one wonders why it took the play two years to arrive on its home turf after its premiere at London's Royal Court Theater.