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We have linked the known theses about the dependence of the modern nation on the media of the modern press; and the need of every communicational technology for an inspiriting, creative centre of communication, which is available by personal experiences, not by technological tools, only.
Creative transformation is the inclusive and inspiriting ideal that progressive Christianity should stand for, and God is the lure for creative transformation.
The NRI Achievers award - Gulf Edition was launched by BIB and sponsored by the Government of India with a view towards increasing NRI exposure and inspiriting future generations within India and abroad.
Though the book makes no mention of its indebtedness, Shelley's (not to mention Chandler's) "England in 1819" serves as a kind of inspiriting text here.
The ceremonial and sacramental nature of Catholic practice is inspiriting to a writer so extrovert in the imagination ambit.
The best of these emphasize the man's subtle, inspiriting smile, the intent alertness of his eyes, and his inherent dignity, in the process subduing the prominent facial features (large nose, strong chin, projecting ears).
It was a novel and inspiriting sight to me to see the dozen or so of children standing at the school door, here in the remote bush, and going through their drill and physical exercises more correctly and more skilfully than I had ever seen before.
By "fun" I mean satisfying, enriching, fulfilling, and inspiriting.
He found neither to be very inspiriting, and summarized his impressions in the word ladder DULLES: DULL AS DALLAS.
The inspiriting vitality of Kukuanaland lies in the Kukuana themselves.
The first passage, in the first person and present tense, is brilliant, as inspiriting as any comparable passages in other Duteurtre novels.
Despite the learning, the sheer range of the evidence, and the clear scholarship of its author, I came away from a reading of Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books not with McFarland's idiosyncratic (re)discovery of himself, not with a shared enthusiasm with the author, but with a much less vibrant and inspiriting feeling of having covered the ground dutifully and comprehensively.