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On examining these images the Warwick researchers spotted a familiar pattern of instability on one flank of an exploding cloud of solar material that closely paralleled instabilities seen in Earth's clouds and waves on the surfaces of seas.
In this study, the influence of cooling airflow on bubble instabilities was investigated, at different values of BUR and TUR.
Lieuwen (aerospace engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology) and Yang (mechanical engineering, The Pennsylvania State University) offer gas turbine users and manufacturers a resource on combustion instabilities in low-emission gas turbines, focusing on combustion- driven oscillations.
There are cases where a system resonance can occur that will cause non-deterministic system behavior resulting in sporadic starvation or access instabilities.
Radcliffe's narrative follows (metonymically) a single dominant temporal progression, deriving from "instabilities and paradoxes" in Spenser's own literary and political program; he organizes these instabilities (metaphorically) as a series of binary transformations.
4] Mavridis and Shroff[5] showed that while gross instabilities are readily apparent, finer instabilities can affect film properties such as clarity.
He or she must face the challenge of maximizing the phenomenal opportunities presented by this global boom in the midst of both post-communism political instabilities, as well as spiking oil prices.
Knowing in advance our true growth potential obviously would be useful in setting policy because history tells us that economies that strain labor force and capital stock limits tend to engender inflation instabilities that undermine growth.
After reviewing the main analytical methods of the dynamical stability of systems, it highlights the fundamental difference in nature between the phenomena of forced resonance vibration of mechanical systems subjected to an imposed excitation and instabilities that characterize their free response.
The proposed activity is intended to carry out an extensive experimental characterization based on innovative techniques on the cavitation induced instabilities occurring in typical space rocket turbopumps focusing in particular on the High Order Cavitation Surge Instability.
They cover the contract- line instabilities of driven liquid films; the numerical simulation of three-dimensional bubble oscillations; instability and wave radiation in stratified shear flow; basic equations and mathematical techniques to study the instability of viscous and inviscid flows; stability, transition, and turbulence in rotating cavities; and hydrodynamic instability.
Three different instabilities were predicted: two axisymmetric modes and one nonaxisymmetric mode.