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One study attempted to classify alar-atlantoaxial joint instability and the related regional injuries in order to better understand the result of biomechanical damage to the ligaments during overstretching.
But within the population with stress urinary incontinence, the prevalence of detrusor instability is estimated to be only 2%, a fact that substantially detracts from the value of making UDT routine practice.
David Hutchings, head of research at Healey & Baker, said "Although the world's retail markets have been enjoying a much improved level of activity over the past year, there are signs coming through of a slowing of the global economy and the impact of financial instability in Asian and eastern Europe.
There was conflict and instability in former Yugoslavia, but by 1995, when the NATO enlargement project went into full gear, this was being contained by NATO forces.
According to Goman, communicators should thrive in the instability they face, and, in fact, communication is even more necessary when the environment is unstable.
They concluded that interfacial instability appears when the interfacial shear stress exceeds a critical value.
First, he is willing to suppose that there is more than one process going on in the world, as shown by his instability and growth models.
Section 2 explains some important factors which cause export instability.
Organised by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, the two-day event brings together global decision-makers who will discuss economic development against the backdrop of regional instability under the theme Middle East: Regional Security and Business Opportunity.
The misinterpretation of the relationship between political instability and economic instability is often deceptive, as the mismanagement of the economy by the government in place on one side and the weaknesses of economic institutions on the other side are not considered appropriately.
The forces significantly affect the instability of nanostructures even during the production without the presence of external driving factors such as voltage.
Political instability in Egypt and other Arab countries had negative effect on non-oil manufacturing activities