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As soon as the ape-man was safely installed in the trap, M'Ganwazam called about him the young warriors whom he had selected to spend the night with the white devil!
He had not been installed more than three days in his attic before all his doubts were removed.
Electric power plants were installed, and his workings were lighted as well as run by electricity.
He wanted to get me home, he said, to have me all to himself, and to see me safely installed as the mistress of Grassdale Manor, just as single-minded, as naive, and piquante as I was; and as if I had been some frail butterfly, he expressed himself fearful of rubbing the silver off my wings by bringing me into contact with society, especially that of Paris and Rome; and, more-over, he did not scruple to tell me that there were ladies in both places that would tear his eyes out if they happened to meet him with me.
John Dashwood now installed herself mistress of Norland; and her mother and sisters-in-law were degraded to the condition of visitors.
Many companies had tremendous foresight when they installed backup generators.
The Downtown Alliance has installed an 802.11 B Wireless Local Area Network in a base station at 25 Broadway to facilitate wireless connections in the park at speeds as fast as a DSL connection for more than 100 users simultaneously.
As local operating networks (LON) continue to be the favored electrical system being installed into new construction projects, this innovative, technology-based, distributed control system offers enhanced operating capabilities as well as significant cost savings associated with monitoring and managing power usage.
Each of the hotels, which includes The Moderne, The Ameritania and The Bentley, boasts new water tanks supplied and installed by Rosenwach Tank, Co., Inc.
Turnout end section, Install 6 m track on laying planum, Unload and distribute 250 t backfill, Lift 70 m track, Compact bedding, 150 m turnout lifting, Compacting the bedding, 70 m railing, 70 m load restraint, 440 m tension compensation, 40 m track jig installed on laying planum, 2 bumpers delivered, Installing and removing benders 903: 59 m including track yoke, 90 m 3 ballast unloading track ballast , Install, Compact, Install 1 pc.
FAISALABAD -- As many as 58 water filtration plants have been installed in various parts of the district while 4 more plants would be installed very soon.
MULTAN -- Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) installed 5,503 transformers of various capacities during the fiscal year 2018-2019.

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