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ClickInstall can build a Mac software installer streamlined for a PPC processor, Intel processor or with Universal Binaries for any Mac OS X computer.
If your installer is not registered then you have no guarantee that they have the necessary competencies or gas safety awareness that are required to carry out the job safely.
This program helps customers select an appropriate and knowledgeable installer.
You should prepare a list of questions to ask the installer such as, "How do you prepare the vehicles before wrapping them?
Each of the Certified Installer has successfully passed a training course on installation, commissioning and O&M best practices of the aforesaid products.
Launched in 2008, this certification program for installer aims at guaranteeing high standards and meticulous installation of their Parrot system for all consumers.
CORGI-registered installers have to undertake high levels of training in order to work with gas.
As winner of the 2009 Best Installer title, Martinez was awarded $10,000 and an invitation to the 2010 competition to defend his title.
Our new website will focus on our installers and industry-related information, but also offer consumers a place to go to for ideas with photos that showcase the work of our talented professional installers.
The Plumbing Installer Survey paints the most complete picture ever attempted of the Australian plumbing industry.
Installers can sign up to work with Mosaic on their installer webpage.