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Louis, has been installing or upgrading shredding plants at five of its locations, with an agreement struck with Metso Texas Shredder to supply models ranging in size from 80x104 to 98x104.
You want something that has an inherent initial tag to hold the surface in place when you are installing it.
Are there cases in which installing sprinkler systems might not be possible?
Administrators across the nation are therefore seeking new solutions to increase the safety of students and staff such as installing metal detectors, assigning security specialists to monitor buildings, and placing surveillance cameras on school grounds.
Installing and maintaining pump foundations and base plates have always posed challenges to plant maintenance and construction personnel in the demanding pulp and paper mill environment.
Because of its unique height and design, all four DIMM slots in the DS10L server can be utilized, allowing customers to double the maximum memory capacity to 2GB by installing two 1GB upgrade options (4 x 512MB DIMMs).
The cost of supporting and installing an ADSL modem has several components.
Amalgamated Bank, headquartered in New York City, is installing ATMs in facilities owned or operated by Healthcare Associates, a Rochester, N.Y.-based company that manages nursing homes throughout the state.
A year after installing an unusual new process-cooling system, Venture Packaging molds 10% more containers on 25% fewer presses with 46% fewer workers and 50% less scrap.
It has been revealed that the FBI has a system appropriately called "Carnivore" which the Bureau goes around installing in the networks of internet service providers (ISPs) under the rubric of a court order.
The CIP relies on the concepts discussed in Phillips & Easton Supply Co., 20 TC 455 (1953), in which a three-inch concrete floor was replaced with a five-inch reinforced concrete floor to facilitate storing, handling and moving of heavy equipment and inventories; the court required the costs of removing the old floor and installing the new floor to be capitalized as one improvement.