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Regular, partial portion of the same debt, paid at successive periods as agreed by a debtor and creditor.

An installment loan is designed to be repaid in certain specified, ordinarily equal amounts over a designated period, such as a year or a number of months.


noun advance, allotment, contract payyent, deposit, disbursement, dividend, division, down payment, fraction, one of several parts, one of several payyents, one of successive parts, parcel, pars, part payment, part payment of a debt, partial payment, pensio, periodic payment, portio, portion, remittance, section, segment, successive portion, token payment
Associated concepts: installment contract, installment note, installment payments, installment plan, installment sale
See also: advance, binder, collection, component, constituent, deposit, handsel, honorarium, installation, part, payment, pledge, security, segment
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The payment can be made in six-month installments, with EGP 3,405 paid per month, a nine-month installment with EGP 2,405 paid per month, a 12-month installment with EGP 1,905 paid per month, an 18-month installment with EGP 1,405 paid per month, or a 24-month installment with EGP 1,155 paid per month, all with no down payments.
Note, however, that the Maceda Law only protects the transactions and contracts involving the sale or financing of real estate on installment payments, including residential condominium apartments, and not industrial lots, commercial buildings, and sales to tenants under R.
The company said it works with a network of lenders with experience in providing installment loans and other financing solutions for personal use.
The educated youth who had embarked upon their business following payment of first installment of this loan had contacted National Bank for securing payment of second installment of loan.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- After the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) limited the number of installments on furniture purchases as of Feb.
David Hunt, CEO of Gulf Installments, said: "We have already achieved more than 20 percent of our targets within the first quarter of the year serving the growth of the Saudi business community through a wide range of installment and leasing solutions.
Our installment and lease financing solutions offer an alternate source of funding to existing bank facilities, provide increased affordability and purchasing power, and allow our customers to enjoy long term stability for asset purchases.
A taxpayer does not need to elect installment sale treatment.
For IRS purposes, whether or not seller elects the Installment Sale method, the parties must agree on the allocation of purchase price among the various types of assets, using fair market value (FMV] as the guide.
The final regulations reflect current IRS practice regarding installment agreements and adopt proposed regulations (with some clarifications) that the IRS issued in 2007 (REG-100841-97).
See the article "Deferred Gain on the Installment Sale of Intangible Asset, AB 115's Unraveling Begins" (Spidell's CA Tax Letter, October 2003).
The note, fully secured by a mortgage on the properties, provided for monthly installments over 11 years.