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Regular, partial portion of the same debt, paid at successive periods as agreed by a debtor and creditor.

An installment loan is designed to be repaid in certain specified, ordinarily equal amounts over a designated period, such as a year or a number of months.


noun advance, allotment, contract payyent, deposit, disbursement, dividend, division, down payment, fraction, one of several parts, one of several payyents, one of successive parts, parcel, pars, part payment, part payment of a debt, partial payment, pensio, periodic payment, portio, portion, remittance, section, segment, successive portion, token payment
Associated concepts: installment contract, installment note, installment payments, installment plan, installment sale
See also: advance, binder, collection, component, constituent, deposit, handsel, honorarium, installation, part, payment, pledge, security, segment
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Tech is launching the new Samsung Galaxy S9 for EGP 15,200, and you can pay for it through several installment programmes.
Likewise, if the contract were cancelled, the buyer may seek reimbursement from the seller the cash surrender value of the payments of the property equivalent to 50 percent of the total payments made, after five years of installments, an additional 5 percent per year but not to exceed 90 percent of the total payments made.
An amount of $500mln, which had been frozen in South Korea, and $400mln, blocked in India, were transferred to the bank for the second phase's fifth and sixth installments respectively.
1, the BDDK banned installment plans for food, gasoline, telecommunications and jewelry purchases and limited installments to a maximum of nine months for all other purchases, in accordance with new credit card regulations.
Gulf Installments expects to open a branch in Dammam during the second quarter of 2014.
SHU Capital has announced the establishment of Gulf Installments Company," said a statement from the company.
Dr Sabah Al Binali, chairman of Gulf Installments, and vice-chairman of its operator Gulf Finance, said: "We have exceptional expertise within the SME space and through Gulf Installments, we are now able to offer the Saudi business community a wide range of credit solutions.
Although installment sales are used as an estate planning device, their primarily utility is in income tax planning.
If the stated interest rate on an installment sale note is not "fair market" in the eyes of the IRS, the IRS may input a fair interest rate.
Debt of 4,001 to 8,000 denars can be paid by two installments, from 8,001 to 12,000 denars by three installments, from 12,001 to 16,000 by four installments, from 16,001 to 20,000 denars by five installments and a debt over 20,001 denars can be paid by six installments, EVN informed.
6159 allows taxpayers who cannot pay their tax liabilities in full the option to enter into an installment agreement and pay off those liabilities over a period of time.
The note, fully secured by a mortgage on the properties, provided for monthly installments over 11 years.