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In one of the first studies to explore the implications of instantaneity in the entire "Twitter-sphere," Kwak, Lee, Park, and Moon (2010) examined 41.
However, the evaluation of the value of a linkage point during public opinion analysis cannot completely adopt ordinary evaluation standards because of the features of mutability and instantaneity of network public opinion.
In the case of the ACAPD studied here, the instantaneity of the videos posted on the Internet, the global potential to reach viewers, and the disappearance in the Internet of certain filters, which the mainstream media previously imposed on some types of images and information, allow the opening of new channels of communication to express alternative views on the social reality.
And so on April 1, 1938, the world's first instant coffee, Nescafe, was launched and from then on instantaneity came to permeate almost every aspect of our lives.
He recognises, first, that something of significance has occurred, in that the maturation of digital communications has ushered in an era of plenitude and instantaneity.
In essence, performance of internal processes refers to simplification of work processes, improvement of data validity and instantaneity, and the growth of internal communication efficiency.
Since the ideal bound on response is human-recognizable instantaneity, real time is paradoxically a form of finitude, limited by human cognition, but ideally immediate, non-mediated, within that finite bound.
In light of many of the distinct features and capabilities of networked technologies (such as high processing speeds, large amounts of storage space, learner control, multimedia, simultaneity, instantaneity, space-, time-and device-independence, flexibility, interactivity, among others), numerous online peer-assessment systems have been developed and have demonstrated their efficacy over the past decade.
Moreover, given the extended time gap between composition and publication, no novelist could achieve the instantaneity of journalism.
THE AGE OF DISTRACTION: READING, WRITING, AND POLITICS IN A HIGH-SPEED NETWORKED ECONOMY provides a fine survey on the politics of time and democracy in an electronic world, and is a fine pick for college-level collections strong in how electronic instantaneity distracts us from writing and serious contemplation.
As gloomy as this sounds, Bewes suggests that at the same time shame provides a valuable "departure from the immediacy and instantaneity of pure perception.
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